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Read an article by a mom about her 12 year old daughter getting a kik account. I was educated that day, once again, at how I fear my kids growing up in THIS world.

Saw a very cool science fair project about making cookies with differing types of sweeteners. Why didn’t I think of that when I had to do my damn science fair project? I “invented” the spoon straw. I convinced myself that no one had invented that before in hopes that they never got a Slurpee in their lives.

My house is messy because I don’t like how frustrated and angry I get when the clean house gets messed.  Totally logical, if you ask me!

I want to be this ideal person that is so kind and giving, and I am outside of my immediate family.  But then I get home, and all the ugly can come out.  How can I be so great and then be such an asshole to those closest to me?

I like my dog. He thinks I am great, and I am never an asshole to him.  Hmmmmm, maybe I should have had dogs instead of kids!

Sometimes I dream of running away, far away, and starting a new life.  Still dreaming…

Sometimes I head out to the chicken coop and take a few drags off a joint I rolled months ago.  The chickens don’t judge and then the kids don’t get yelled at as much.

It is a daily challenge to care so much, and not try to care so much.

My son wants to set a world record, maybe he will.  I hope it is for something great!

My youngest child drives me the most crazy, but he intrigues me the most.  My oldest is the most obedient, and I can’t stand it.  Obviously, I am the issue here.

I am scheduled to be married in October.  Blah.

I want to please others. Blah.

We started a jar to save money for a big truck to pull our trailer.  My daughter wants to put all of her money in it.  Love that girl!

I was referred to as a “muncher” this week.  This was the first time I felt discriminated against.  Oh, the hot tears it created!

Amazing the thoughts that can run through yours brain as you do dishes.

Happy Saturday to all!

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