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Date archive for: April 2016

Take Two

Posted in thatchik30

So a month ago I reminded myself how much I really suck as a wife and mother. A month ago I was feeling an immense amount of guilt over the unfortunate death of our kitten. I was the one who saw his photo online and just had to have him. We didn’t know that he already had Feline Infectious Peritonitis. He lived for eight months and was with us for 3.5. Since there is no cure and the progression of the disease seemed to be fast for him, the decision was made to euthanize him before he really began to…

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Dancing with Myself

Posted in ChickNorris29

I have this little habit, no one really knows because I’m always alone when it happens. Especially when my boyfriend falls asleep and I’m not tired yet. This was actually brought to my attention recently, with Prince’s passing, when I realized it was a secret habit. I dance with myself. I know what you are thinking……that’s lame, everyone dances blah blah blah. NO. I turn on music, sometimes music videos, and either learn the dances or make them up. Or I pretend Ricky Martin (just to name one) is flirtatiously chasing me around and I dance with him. Alone. And…

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Thank You, Prince

Posted in justachik1

I’ve been mesmerized by Prince since I was 13. I remember watching Purple Rain over and over again – just as fast as that tape could rewind, I’d hit play. At the time, I was too young to comprehend what sex appeal meant – but looking back that’s exactly why I was enthralled. It’s There was something about him I couldn’t get enough of. In the teenage vernacular of the times, I probably used words like fine or babe because that’s how teens account for attraction. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized his appeal had very little…

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Rules. Expectations.

Posted in olechik27

These are similar, but sometimes the lines between them are blurred. I thought I was getting the hang of the rules AND expectations for being a good mom and a good wife… I have yet to really “get it” though. These rules and expectations seem to be ever changing and I can never just be there in that glorious place where I’ve GOT IT! So let me examine a few of these with you and see where it all falls, I will start with the mom rules – I seem to be MUCH MORE on target here, but not for…

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Life Raft Acquisition

Posted in FreedomChik18

My current situation these last four months is trying to brave through the book “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson. A doctor loaned it to me. Said it reminded me of her. Today, I reluctantly opened it again. I’m mid-sigh in the agony of consuming it when my Buddhist friend saunters up to me at the coffee shop and asks “What book ya reading today?” I eye roll, lift the cover, and glare at the remark I know is coming “Still?!” “Shut up, Great-Discoverer-Of-The-Obvious. Sit down. Distract me. Enlighten me with your wisdom, Oh Teacher.” Books often stir a love/hate relationship…

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‘Til We Meet Again

Posted in luckychix22

I had to say goodbye to my first ‘child’, my longest relationship, my best friend on monday. I had no idea how hard it would really be. We had 13 years together and I treasure each and every day we had. He was there for the good and the bad, moves cross country and back and my constant companion. I can’t say good bye, but until we meet again. I love you old man, always and forever Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here,…

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Personal Brand

Posted in SpaChix

Guy sees a gorgeous girl at a party. He goes up to her and says, “I’m a great guy, you should date me.” That’s Direct Marketing Guy is at a party with a bunch of friends and sees a gorgeous girl. One of his friends goes up to her, pointing at the guy and says, “Hes a great guy, you should date him.” That’s Advertising Guy sees a gorgeous girl at a party. He goes up to her and gets her telephone number. The next day he calls and says, “Hi, I’m a great guy, you should date me.” That’s…

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“Let the Genie Out of the Bottle” – Idioms for Idiots

Posted in 1FineChik

“Let the Genie Out of the Bottle!” What the heck does that mean??!!! When does one use this phrase to make a real impact? Or a better question, do we even use it?? A few years ago, a dear colleague of mine would drop this bomb of an idiom when working with customers. Every time she did, I would sit there with a silent puzzled expression on my face trying to process how in the world that applies to what she just said. For instance: “We are going provide you with outstanding service and let the genie out of the…

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Posted in ChickTwenty

I love walks. I enjoy hiking but am too lazy to plan it. I also don’t like just sitting at home. So walks fit me. They allow me to clear my head. Also running is f**king awful. I decided it was a great idea to take my two dogs and my friend’s dog for a walk. That equals one small feisty Chihuahua, one awkward tank of a beagle-basset hound, a large fluffy husky and my dumb ass. I get them all in their harnesses and their leashes and step out of the front door. As I attempt to lock the…

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Chasing Bubbles

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Bubbles float from my body with each exhale. The dissonance of the gym, muffled. Bloop bloop bloop of my bubbled breath, creates a symphony with the whoosh movements of my strokes underwater. My body feels fluid and easy, a stark contrast to the weighted ache I felt just moments before diving in. If you go to the outdoor toy aisle of any store, there’s a solid six by 8 foot space dedicated to bubbles. Children are entranced by these translucent, delicate spheres of soap floating up and away from them. As I flip turn at the end of the lane…

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