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being a chick

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Women have the raw end of the stick.  Periods. Childbirth.  The pressure from EVERYONE telling us what we have to look like and who we should aspire to be like.  Don’t even make me mention shaving (rolls eyes).

Hey, congrats you’re not pregnant again this month!  Now blood is going to flow from you like Niagara fucking Falls.  And if the constant bloody river coming out of your lady bits isn’t bad enough, TAMPONS AND PADS ARE SO EXPENSIVE.  I didn’t ask for this?!?!?! I mean, yay, I’m not bearing a child (which is cause for celebration) but buying feminine hygiene products breaks my heart a little bit.  Not to mention the bank……

I do not have children, so I personally don’t know much about the birthing process but man, that shit looks rough.  Yeah, there is medicine and epidurals and all that fun stuff, but still.  A HUMAN is coming out of a VERY SMALL hole in your body.  And when I do have kids, it’ll be just my luck that my perineum tears.  Because who doesn’t want their vagina to rip open down to their asshole??

I am a small person but have a little extra fat on a couple places on my body and I hate it.  Everywhere I look, I’m reminded of the pressure that society has placed on women.  I showed up to a meeting a while back with no makeup on and a male in the room asked me if I had just woke up… I sarcastically told him “no, I’m just ugly” and my friend ripped him a new one for asking me that.  Why must I always have makeup on?  Why should I always look perfect?  Fight the power, ladies!!! Do your own thang!!

And I don’t even want to talk about shaving because it’s so irrelevant…  Fuck shaving.

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