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Dancing with Myself

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I have this little habit, no one really knows because I’m always alone when it happens. Especially when my boyfriend falls asleep and I’m not tired yet. This was actually brought to my attention recently, with Prince’s passing, when I realized it was a secret habit.

I dance with myself. I know what you are thinking……that’s lame, everyone dances blah blah blah. NO. I turn on music, sometimes music videos, and either learn the dances or make them up. Or I pretend Ricky Martin (just to name one) is flirtatiously chasing me around and I dance with him. Alone. And its awesome. Sometimes I use props, like the couch, a lamp, the table, my dog, etc. I’ve checked with them all and they don’t mind, although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen my dog roll his eyes at least once.

My boyfriend and I just got back from an awesome trip in Costa Rica. One night he went to bed early and I could not wake him up. So, I turned on Buena Vista Social Club and performed a show….. for myself. If you have never had a few glasses of wine and danced to Buena Vista Social Club by yourself then you should really live a little. I taught myself how to salsa dance like a mother fucker!  He had no idea that I had a fantastic night after he passed out. He had no idea I was pretending to be in a Cuban nightclub seducing several handsome suitors. What a loser, am I right?

I recently found some New Kids on the Block music videos and pranced around to those……that was a fun blast from the past. Michael Jackson is my most frequent date on these particular nights, as well as many more. Oh I can copy MJ and Janet Jackson’s music videos to the point that they should have hired me as a backup dancer. Actually that was my dream job growing up……don’t tell anyone.

When Prince died, obviously it was beyond shocking to us all. Some of my lame friends made poor comments as though he was not a big deal. That’s probably because they don’t know that a huge chunk of music we heard growing up was Prince…..and they liked it. They KNOW it. I have some Prince on my music list, yes. But his passing brings everything back to light and reminds us how good he was. Epic. Motivating. So, I proudly continue my dance party to “Little Red Corvette” and “Lets go Crazy” and “Erotic City” in my living room by myself. Its my tribute in my own lame little way. I think I could have been a good back up dancer……

Don’t tell anyone about my secret. Or that I suck………

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