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“Let the Genie Out of the Bottle” – Idioms for Idiots

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“Let the Genie Out of the Bottle!”

What the heck does that mean??!!! When does one use this phrase to make a real impact? Or a better question, do we even use it??

A few years ago, a dear colleague of mine would drop this bomb of an idiom when working with customers. Every time she did, I would sit there with a silent puzzled expression on my face trying to process how in the world that applies to what she just said. For instance: “We are going provide you with outstanding service and let the genie out of the bottle!” What the . . . The customer would knowingly shake their head in agreement. Was I missing something???

I was sure if one let the genie out it was a bad thing! Most tales of genie releases end up in life-altering disasters! The three wishes are cool, but beyond that, a shackled apparition with pointy ears creeps me out a bit.

So I had to look it up to resolve my confusion.


let the genie out of the bottle

(mainly American)

to allow something bad to happen which cannot then be stopped

Usage notes: In old Arabian stories, a genie was a magic spirit that would do whatever the person who controlled it wanted.

With the Internet, we really let the genie out of the bottle. People now have unlimited access to all manner of material. (mainly American)

Right??? How would letting the genie out of the bottle help my customer or anyone for that matter!

Just for kicks, I did use this expression with colleagues to see what others would say or do. No one questioned it! They just shook their head in agreement as if this is a good thing.

My conclusion, you can say idioms with confident smile and it does not matter how you use it in a sentence. This is quite fun and addictive. I really think for the most part; no one knows their true meaning. I am testament to that fact!

If you are game, here are a few to try throwing into general conversations:

A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
MEANING: Having something that is certain is much better than taking a risk for more, because chances are you might lose everything.

For Love Nor Money
MEANING: Said when it is difficult to get something or persuade someone.

Meat and Two Veg
MEANING: A man’s genitals.

With persuasive dialogue, these sayings might color the convo. So everyone, “Let the genie out of the bottle” and have some fun today!

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