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The Letting Go

Posted in La Segunda Chica

Melissa, let it go. My internal voice seems to be telling me that a lot lately.  Crap, I forgot to refill my kid’s zit cream prescription.  Melissa, let it go, one night without it isn’t going to make her a social pariah.  I haven’t written my blog yet. Melissa, let it go, you still have a few days to play with this idea.  Damn, I forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer before I left for work.  Melissa, let it go, we can call out for pizza tonight.

In these day to day, non-life threatening cases, the voice allows me to put things into perspective.  A reminder to not dwell on things that are just speed bumps.  But in the case of weightier issues, Melissa let it go is more than just a coping mechanism, it’s a reminder to step back and realize that I can’t control everything—kind of an ego hip check.

A close friend of mine is going through a really rough time right now—it’s completely self-induced—but that doesn’t change the fact that one dumbass move has resulted in some pretty significant collateral damage to family and friends.  Melissa let it go.  You are super pissed that this is affecting your comfortable reality, but this isn’t your lesson to learn.  You will be fine.

My husband has been having some medical issues lately, and he is a GIANT pain in the ass to be around because clearly he is the only person who has ever had to suffer the indignities of doctors’ offices.  Melissa, let it go, because he is really just a little scared and you being a bitch to him isn’t helping the situation a bunch.

When the letting go happens I can hush my internal voice.  More and more I’m finding the peace in that silence.

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