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A Short Trip

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Recently I was lucky enough to get a short trip to The Netherlands, my husband had to go for work, so I decided to tag along. It was in March the weather was not good, cold and wet, but it was fun to visit again. It made me realize how alike yet very different life is here in the USA and over there.

It’s great that so many people in The Netherlands actually speak English, so if your thinking of visiting Europe and feel intimidated by the language barrier, The Netherlands is the place to go, I don’t think I met one person whom I had difficulty talking to. What really struck me, though, was how laid-back they are, I saw ladies breast feeding their babies sitting at the tables in restaurants, no-one even took a second look at them, it just seemed so normal. It made me think about how many ladies I see here in the US hiding their babies under a blanket because they can’t feed in public, because thin skinned people get “uncomfortable”. Yet to me this seems the most natural thing in the world, in fact one of the most beautiful things in the world… Instead of making nursing mothers hide, we should be celebrating that they are giving their baby the best start in life.

Why is it that women are bullied in this way? Are men so crazy-sex-hyped that to just glimpse a mother nursing her baby would drive him into some kind of uncontrollable sex rampage… Surely not? It’s what seems to pass for a reason, like gay marriage somehow allowing marriage would somehow break down the fabric of our society and make everyone gay. I mean how is this really going to effect you, do you think your wife or husband will suddenly decide after years of marriage they’re suddenly attracted to the same sex and run off and marry one just because they are free to do so… No.

We claim to be such a freedom loving nation but it seems that those freedoms are only available if you fit into a certain type of box, that’s not really freedom, and stops a certain part of society from pursuing their happiness.

Sorry got on my high horse a bit there….

Anyway, we had a lot of fun, we visited a couple of museums the Rijks and Van Gogh Museums they were fantastic, especially the Rijks, the amount and variety of art is breathtaking. We also we also visited some churches. I did not visit any of the Cafes, I’m a bit of a wimp when it come to that kind of stuff, but I can tell you in Amsterdam you don’t have to go very far to find one.

I have to finish this with an apology. I missed my last two deadlines… Sorry… I will try harder!


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