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Dancing to Prince

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So, Friday night, downtown was a tribute to the man named Prince. The club was glowing of purple both inside and out. The lamp post had purple bulbs, the trees had purple streamers and purple and white balloons bounced around the dance floor like they too had their own beat. The men and women, young, old, cross dressers, the hip, die hard fans–and those who just wanted to be–were showing their respect in short dresses, ruffles, make up and the art of turning heads.
My husband and I dressed as racy as we could to our standards and dug deep into the closet for that outfit that you thought it was nice to have just in case. I went with a plunging zebra neck line and a little bustier to lift the “girls”. I refused to wear heels so I debated that with a long zebra print, no one would notice the grey sketchers. My husband said, they look comfortable to dance in and besides, its gonna be dark. He wore a white shirt, so he glowed like a purple fire fly in the black light as he hopped around doing his go to move. A young woman dancing with girlfriends whispered in my ear, “don’t worry, my boyfriend dances just like that.” That made me smile.
My loyal Prince friends were there in top form and ready to sing and move to every song. I knew dozens of Prince’s songs, but I swear, he recorded hundreds and they knew the words to every one of them. We never heard Raspberry Beret, 1999, Little Red Corvette, or Nothing Compares 2 U, and we danced for 3 hours nonstop. I was so impressed by those who sang every word and moved to some very challenging rhythms, so I found myself just closing my eyes and letting the music talk to me. Cause I sure couldn’t fake I knew the words. But seriously, people, how do you improve on Prince for date night?

“All the white people clap your hands on the four now
One two three, one two three, one two three, one two three, listen to me
All I wanna do is dance
Play music sex romance
And try my best to never get bored
If you feel all right lemme hear you scream

Somebody say dance (dance), music (music)
Sex (sex), romance (romance).”

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