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My 21st Century Family

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So, I walked in the door the other day and no one answered my call of “Hello”. Hmmm . . . where was everybody? As I slowly made my way around the house I discovered that everyone was in fact home but each so wrapped up in their own technology bubble that they didn’t have time for little old me.

Not too long ago technology was merely a bunch of cool toys used as entertainment or a distraction from everyday life. Now it is a vital part of our lives, both personally and professionally.

Here is a quick tour of my 21st century family:

google-docs-iconsCollaboration: My 15-year old son is sequestered in his room as always with his headphones on. Today, however, he is not playing League of Legends and Skype chatting with his friends around the country. He is using Google Docs and group-editing a thesis with classmates from his high school honors English class.


Creation: My 12-year old is addicted to his iPad and when he is home, it is glued to his hand. Usually he is watching YouTube video of what I like toStop Motion Animation call his “other family.” They are vloggers that videotape their lives and post it daily for all the world to see. Maybe if we did anything interesting with our days, he’d be watching us instead! He is still using his iPad, but this time he is using his LEGOs to create a stop motion animation project for his 6th grade class with a free online app.


Skype-logo-mainVideo Conferencing: My grown daughter is sitting with her laptop using Skype to conduct a long distance video interview for a new job across the country. All her correspondence with this potential employer has been done electronically, from job searching, to sending her resume, to the interview itself. (Note: by the time this is posted she will have started that new job!)



Dictation: My husband is a High School English teacher and swears by Dragon NaturallySpeaking to dictate school lesson plans into the computer.Dragon NaturallySpeaking Saving him countless hours and the threat of carpal tunnel. His home office is next to the living room and while the rest of us are watching TV we’ll hear what sounds like him talking to himself late into the evening.



KindlepaperwhiteReading: I’m an avid reader and never without a book. Well, in this new age of technology, I can carry and entire library with me in the form of my Kindle. It is still amazing to me that in less than a minute I can pick out a new title and have it delivered right to my e-reader. I remember waiting for weeks for that new book you put on reserve at the library to become available. After a special trip to pick it up, you’d sit in your favorite chair and crack open the cover to begin. Still kind of miss those days . . .


Well, since I’ve got some time while everyone else is busy, I guess I’ll sit down in front of my big screen TV and check out what has recorded on my DVR. Maybe I’ll look up some new recipes on my Smartphone while I’m at it. If you can’t beat technology, you may as well join in!


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