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Never Say Never

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Never Say Never . . . The Universe Hears You!!

If I could be my own life coach, I would always point a finger at this face and say, “Never say never!!!!” I might also say, “Don’t be snarky or judgmental.”


Because the universe pays attention to these moments and decides to perform an “I’ll show her moment.”

Over and over again I have said never . . . and then over and over again what I never wanted to happen . . . did! The twist is that those never moments turn out to be quite beautiful! Very unexpected for sure.
Here are some entertaining true episodes of my life. I would love to hear some of yours!

1. NEVER: Three am pizza party with girl friends in college. The topic of what would our children someday look-like came up. I boldly said, “If I had a redhead, they would have to wear a hat!”

UNIVERSE: I had two beautiful children, both redheads! Would not have traded them for the world! At times those ginger locks came in real handy, especially places like Disneyland where my kiddos were always easy to spot in a crowd. Thank you, Universe!

2. NEVER: How can anyone worship as a Catholic?

UNIVERSE: My first teaching position was in a Catholic school, teaching Kindergarten children how to be amazing Catholics. I love my Catholic sisters and brothers and am so glad that bias was forever changed! Thank you, Universe!

3. NEVER: I would NEVER want to be a teacher!!

UNIVERSE: Witnessing the spark of an “ah-ha” moment when learning something for the first time in my children’s eyes. I was hooked! Went back to school and completed 5 more years of school to become a master teacher. Loved teaching! Even today, I have former students who tell me what an impact I had in their lives. An unexpected giant reward! Thank you, Universe!

Now this just happened recently, in fact you can read one of my former blogs as evidence.

4. NEVER: Distance relationships just don’t work!

UNIVERSE: Just after I wrote this blog, I met someone who lives in two states over from me. We have been inseparable from a distance. If that makes sense. I feel like he is with me all the time. Just when we think about the other, we will (on more than one occasion) send identical texts to each another. We set a time at the beginning of each day to send endearing and encouraging texts as we start the day. We miss each other dearly and invest in the holes and gaps that a distance relationship offers. This is allowing us to richly discover the other person. An interesting side effect . . . it is teaching us to love ourselves in a way we have not experienced before. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!!

Lesson learned . . . Only say, “Never Say Never” if you want your opinions to be stretched and challenged. Remember the Universe’s antenna goes up the minute you speak those words!!

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