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Date archive for: May 2016

Dancing to Prince

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So, Friday night, downtown was a tribute to the man named Prince. The club was glowing of purple both inside and out. The lamp post had purple bulbs, the trees had purple streamers and purple and white balloons bounced around the dance floor like they too had their own beat. The men and women, young, old, cross dressers, the hip, die hard fans–and those who just wanted to be–were showing their respect in short dresses, ruffles, make up and the art of turning heads. My husband and I dressed as racy as we could to our standards and dug deep…

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What I Want to Know

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DISCLAIMER I am sooooo delving into the world of a stereotype, and I apologize ahead of time to any guys reading this who don’t fit.   I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I don’t know about men.  I’m approaching 50, my husband will get to 60 first. As I’m typing this at the kitchen table, my husband is watching a documentary on Netflix 10 feet away from me, and commenting/asking questions.  I just heard “Buddy Holly was on The Ed SulllivanShow,”  “Wow, the wind is really blowing, it’s a good thing that we aren’t on the Raceway (a…

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Happy Mother’s Day

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This is actually a letter I sent out in 2010. I had planned to revise it, as so much has changed since then, but I liked the feeling I got while reading it – so I left it alone. Perhaps later this month, I’ll reflect on the thoughts, questions, and confessions I acquired over the past six years. Perhaps not. Happy Mother’s Day This letter goes out to all my fellow mothers and those who have supported us along the way. I think my favorite quote of all time is by Elizabeth Stone. She says, “This decision to have a child is…

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