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The Cow That Led Me To Peace

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May 2016

The greatest failure is the failure to try. – William Ward

I never thought a cow would help guide me to my happy place, but it did and here’s how it happened.

I am the youngest of three girls – Irish triplets (each about one year apart), each with our very own unique style and creative spirit.

I saw a painting of a cow in a magazine several years which I saved and repeatedly asked my middle sister (a talented artist) to paint it for me. I kept asking and asking like only a little sister can until she eventually bought me a canvas and instructed me to paint it myself!

There were so many things I discovered during my journey of painting the cow. What I thought would be an impossible and stressful task turned out to be rewarding and quite calming. Working on the painting became my escape – helping me to unplug. Isn’t it funny how often our escape is something so far from what we love to do day to day? When I would get frustrated with it, my sister would encourage me to take a break – sit back and look at it differently. See it from a different angle.  She also encouraged me to throw the original picture of the cow away, “now make it your own,” she said.

When my painting was completed, I felt a sweet sense of accomplishment. It was exactly the painting I had wanted, in fact, it was even better. I love it and believe it only turned out well, because I had such a good (and patient) teacher.

How do you unplug? I can now add painting to my list, which includes mowing the grass, knitting, gardening, cooking, and another new favorite thanks to a special Christmas gift – adult coloring books.

Carve out the time and make unplugging a priority. Go ahead – paint that cow!

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