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The Millennial Teacher

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This is my life…

A little background on Chic#5…growing up, I ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher.  As a kid, my stuffed animals represented the students in my “class.” I had assignments, conferences, reports cards, etc. for each and every one of them.

Years later, I found myself attending the Mary Lou Fulton College of Education at ASU, graduated in 2005, and next thing I knew, I was teaching 4th grade at a brand new Elementary School in the Valley.

During my five years in the classroom, I learned a tremendous amount, and not just about my profession…I learned what I would/would not do as a parent, how important it is to support your kids both in and out of school, knowing that “my kid” could have caused the problem and is not always the victim, the list of names that are on the “NO” list when it comes to naming my own child…the lessons are endless.

However, all of these “epiphanies” came to me during a time in my life when I was single, no kids, and partying was at the top of my list when it came to my weekend plans.   In fact, I partied way more after college, than during my Sun Devil days.  Clubs, house gatherings, vacations…Yes ladies, the stereotype (at least for me, and many of my other 20-something teaching friends) was true, us teachers, we liked to have a good time.  Maybe it was our release after spending a week with “those” kids that drove us to this excessive drinking binge (I am not referring to the entire class, just the small handful that would make your life miserable and disrupt the learning of everyone else).  However, please know, I was a fantastic teacher, and never drank during the week, never showed up at work hung over – my kiddos were my top priority.

Now, during my educational role modeling days, social media was just becoming “the thing.”  People had Facebook, waivers were being implemented that students’ pictures could/could not be used on a public forum, etc.  But rules against being “friends” with parents and/or students, as a teacher, on your Facebook account, wasn’t really the topic of conversation…I made a personal decision that it probably would not be a good idea to have those individuals as acquaintances on Facebook – giving them the opportunity to look through my window and see Ms. Chic#5 partying her ass off outside of school.  Again, I did not post that many crazy pictures, but taking a shot, looking a little in the bag…not the kind of example I want to set for a bunch of 10-year old students.

Which brings me to the point of my blog today…I find myself in a very different place in life…all of those “parenting” lessons I learned as a teacher are starting to emerge.  I have a child of my own, a new job, and no time to go out and party (not that I want to any ways, at least not like I did way back when), and now I am looking through the window of my daughter’s teachers, and seeing things that I really do not want to see.  They requested me as a friend on Facebook months ago, and I happily accepted.   Some posts are very nice and sweet, and they look adorable, but the most recent kinda made me scratch my head a little…am I becoming that parent!? It was St. Patrick’s Day, which I know means “excuse to drink and get wasted day,” and as I am scrolling through my Facebook feed that evening, I see three of the teachers from her school, and an office assistant downing huge shots of tequila out of plastic syringes, clearly having a great evening.  May I remind you that St. Patrick’s Day fell on a Thursday this year.  Trust me, I am not that naïve parent that thinks none of them ever get drunk and have a good time, and no, I would never report it to the school owner.  But let’s just say, when I dropped off my daughter Friday morning, their asses better be there, with a big smile on their faces, ready to put up with and teach a bunch of 4-year olds for the day!

…and they were.

I do however, think I will start my own “Code of Conduct” as a parent, no more teachers as friends on Facebook because I already know what you all are doin out there on your time off J  Funny how life comes in full circle (this may totally fall in “Idioms for Idiots “ 1FinChik), now I am learning “teaching” lessons as a parent.

Until next time…

…this is my life.

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