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Date archive for: June 2016

Follow the Leader

Posted in SpaChix

“A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” – Max Lucado Have you been fortunate to work with a great leader? You’ll know a great leader by how they inspire others to do more, learn more and become more. In my family, my dad embodies the idea of a great leader.  He instilled in me a valuable leadership lesson to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. In fact, we like to tease him about a picture in his office of him sleeping on Air Force One, with a note his…

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Dear Guppy

Posted in ChickTwenty

Dear Guppy, You’re probably wondering why we call you Guppy. Well, I was with Daddy and his family catching shad (very small fish) in order to catch big fish. I don’t like the word shad because it reminds me of shat, so I called them guppies. Later that day, your Auntie and Mimi talked about baby names for her future children for a very long 50 minutes. Eventually, they asked me what I would name a boy if I have one someday. To get them to leave me alone, I simply replied Guppy. Then it stuck. Do not fear, Guppy-…

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I Love You Just the Way You Are

Posted in FreedomChik18

Hey you, God, you are beautiful. Really. Not just in the nice-job-on-the-genetic-game-of-Russian-roulette kind of beautiful (even though you did a great job of that too), It’s you. All that going on inside of you: Your chest. The way it seizes up in a painful burn, like a cough you can’t get out, when you hear, see, feel injustices. Suffering. Inequality. Your heart. The way it begins sprinting, like a fireman into a burning building, to hose love out of it when your eyes meet a human, burning in anguish. Your brain. The way it has shed filters from your forever…

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My hero, my everything

Posted in starchiksix

In honor of Fathers Day, I decided to write about my Dad. I recently lost him but it wasn’t until after he was gone, that I realized how much more special he was. My Dad was incredibly smart. He invested money wisely. Secured his future. He never went over the top trying to get rich. Just enough so he could be comfortable. He was never greedy. He had acres and acres of land that he sold to family and made sure there was enough left for his children. He advised myself and family and friends on how to buy stocks,…

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Best Email Ever!

Posted in chick'nmiddle15

So, you know how you are sifting through your junk email and every once in a while you get something that is just priceless? This is by far the best message I have ever gotten. I have not embellished it at all, totally didn’t need to. It is absolutely perfect the way it is . . . enjoy!   Mrs Rose Holtsbery <> Subject: I want you as God fearing person   Dear Friend, Greetings in the name of God, Please let this not sound strange to you for my only surviving lawyer who would have done this died late…

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Glass Ceilings

Posted in Chika12

Glass Ceilings I am trying really hard to get excited about the prospect of having the first female president voted into office this coming November but at the same time, I am girding myself for the onslaught of negative press that is inevitably going to rain down upon us. Just looking at today’s CNN top stories and their leading headlines says it all…. “McConnell: Trump doesn’t know a lot about issues”… indication of splintering within the RNC. But that could be a good thing for the DNC…”End for Sanders? Supporters react”…potential splintering of the DNC – will Hillary be able…

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No More Free Boobing

Posted in McChik10

My boobs are no longer my friends. Sometimes I don’t even think they are friends with each other. Gone are the days when they stood to attention, they both looked the same way, they were round and pert. In those days I was even known to go free boobing.  They jiggled just enough to be… interesting. But now they just hang there like two soggy sand bags. These days, there’s a different routine. I pack them into my titslinger, making sure everything’s tucked inside the sling, of course.  The last thing I need to look like is the three-breasted mutant from Total Recall.…

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