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Glass Ceilings

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Glass Ceilings

I am trying really hard to get excited about the prospect of having the first female president voted into office this coming November but at the same time, I am girding myself for the onslaught of negative press that is inevitably going to rain down upon us.

Just looking at today’s CNN top stories and their leading headlines says it all….

“McConnell: Trump doesn’t know a lot about issues”… indication of splintering within the RNC. But that could be a good thing for the DNC…”End for Sanders? Supporters react”…potential splintering of the DNC – will Hillary be able to woe the millennials to her side?

Or, “Warren’s blistering attack on Trump”…(great speech, by the way, that she gave at the American Constitution Society on Thursday night) is really an indictment of not just Trump as a questionable candidate but the flaws in our political system that have allowed him to get as far as he has gotten. This, to me, is the greater mystery that I just can’t fathom…I know, he has the allure of money swirling around him but why don’t so many Americans see that it is all just smoke and mirrors.

My favorite headline, though, is the 5th one down the CNN page – “60 countries that beat America to this milestone” and then lists all 60 countries starting in the 1960’s, from Sri Lanka to, most recently, an openly gay woman in Taiwan. Why are we so resistant to having a female in the highest office? Why, as a culture, do we assume that a woman cannot be as successful as a man? Haven’t we produced, as a society, thousands of women who continually work on our behalf for gender equality?

To quote Elizabeth Warren; “…now is not the time to stand by. Now is the time to stand up…” Of course, she is referring to standing up to those who are bent on perverting our system of government to serve their own ends by undermining the independent judiciary system. But, she is also saying that we can no longer remain quiet and we have to speak out whenever we are faced with inequity and injustice. So, how accommodating will the news outlets be in supporting female voices?

I admit I am very angry at the news media (controlled by a few really rich men) for giving Trump so much “free” airtime. Naive of me, I thought that there was a media “rule” that opposing candidates should get equal air time. But back to the headlines…”FBI looks at Clinton’s drone emails” – just enough of a hint of more scandal regarding the issue of Clinton using a private email server to get the readers all excited. But you have to read down to the 5th paragraph before reading that “investigators have not found evidence to support criminal charges and none are expected…” Shouldn’t that have been in the lead paragraph? No?

To be fair, I should look at the other news outlets to see their leading headlines but I just don’t have the desire to try to wade through all of the insinuations, half-truths and salacious innuendos that take up so much space and make so much noise! I guess I will just have to rely on the journalistic integrity of PBS for news without bias. I know that I can count on and trust the PBS NewsHour for the solid, reliable reporting overseen by the two extremely capable female Managing Editors, Gwen Ifill and Judy Woodruff. Two women that have been quietly, but without making excuses, standing up and speaking out while inexorably shattering the glass ceiling.

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