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My hero, my everything

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In honor of Fathers Day, I decided to write about my Dad. I recently lost him but it wasn’t until after he was gone, that I realized how much more special he was. My Dad was incredibly smart. He invested money wisely. Secured his future. He never went over the top trying to get rich. Just enough so he could be comfortable. He was never greedy. He had acres and acres of land that he sold to family and made sure there was enough left for his children. He advised myself and family and friends on how to buy stocks, invest in 401k, etc. He learned by listening and watching and passed on that knowledge. He could fix almost everything around the house. One of my favorite memories was fixing the toilet with him. He had been looking at some toilet reviews on websites like for ages, and he finally bought a new one. I can still see myself holding the wrench behind the toilet, and him under the sink with a stream of water hitting him in the face. Priceless. He could fix cars, bumps and bruises and a broken heart. He was a great planner. He knew the day he was going to die. He said anybody who wants to see me, better make it fast. I won’t be here after March 6th. And guess what?! March 6th he died. My Dad was also funny. Even when he wasn’t trying. Up until the Day he died, he had me laughing. He was told me to drive 30 minutes away to find a BBQ place. He didn’t want to buy anything, just wanted to see if it was there. He argued with me for hours, knowing he couldn’t leave the medical facility he was at. Oh yeah he was great at arguing. He was always right! He had a huge generous heart and a deep soul. When he met his grandson there was a special connection, I can’t even put into words. He was brave, honest, generous , I could go on and on about him but the could never match my feelings that I hold for this man.
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