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Date archive for: September 2016

Time for a change

Posted in starchiksix

Every month, I start to write this particular post. I keep asking myself to wait and see if my feelings change. And month after month, nothing has changed. I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna touch on the racial tensions in this world today. In recent times, there has been some obvious attention to black lives matter. It makes everyone get a little weird. Before I go on, I want to be sure no one is offended. My intentions are to provide my opinions and move along. Simply, to get it off my chest. I’m a bit of a bitch and…

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Words of Wisdom

Posted in StoryChick24

I have a board on Pinterest that I have called “Words of Wisdom” where I stash all of the quotes that inspire me. It is a treasure trove of ways to lead a life that I can love and be proud of. The only problem is that I pin things to this board and then more often than not forget about them. I started thinking about this because I had a slew of not so great days where I was down on myself and I could have used some of the advice that was tucked away waiting for me to…

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Pregnancy- As Explained By Mr. Perfect

Posted in ChickTwenty

What it’s like being pregnant, written by Mr. Perfect himself, my husband. Prepare yourselves, ladies: The hardest part is not being able to drink my husband’s drinks. It just gives me so much pleasure to drink his beloved sodas. Now that I am pregnant, I can’t because I am not supposed to have caffeine when I’m pregnant. Speaking of things I can’t have, sushi. Something I used to have probably twice a week, now I can’t have it at all. Talk about weird feelings- How about having a human growing inside of your stomach? You go 26 years of your…

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No Ragrets

Posted in Chika12

Yesterday was my father’s birthday. He would have been 95 years old but he lived well for the 93 years he was on this planet. Today, my father-in-law, is going through the process of letting go of his well lived 90 years. Both of them, though, spent a great deal of time reviewing and reliving as many of their past experiences as they could remember – eager to tell their stories to all who would listen, anxious to impart the life lessons they learned along their journey. Yet, while each was/is reluctant to leave the vibrancy of living, both of…

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Hoarding Whore

Posted in justachik1

I’m not even sure when it happened.  I always swore I wasn’t.  But, gradually, over the years, more and more things accumulated.  And, then suddenly, one day I took a step outside of myself and looked around. “Holy fuck! I have a lot of shit.” Over the past three years, I have moved twice and there’s a third move in the relatively near future.  I do not want to move this stuff again.  I can’t.  I think I need help. I know I’m not alone in this.  Hell, there’s even a show dedicated to it.  I also know I’m not…

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