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Time for a change

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Every month, I start to write this particular post. I keep asking myself to wait and see if my feelings change. And month after month, nothing has changed. I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna touch on the racial tensions in this world today.
In recent times, there has been some obvious attention to black lives matter. It makes everyone get a little weird. Before I go on, I want to be sure no one is offended. My intentions are to provide my opinions and move along. Simply, to get it off my chest. I’m a bit of a bitch and just come right out and say things. Today. And today only…..I will soften it up.
Now that formalities are out of the way, this is a REAL issue. It sucks because we have to point out that black lives matter. It’s not the norm. White, whether it be American, Irish, German, zlovakian, whatever, it has been the norm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Many people think that’s stupid, but hey, it’s the truth. Let’s be clear. When it comes to lives mattering, They all do. And BLM did not become a movement until serious issues arise.
As a black woman, I worry about myself and my children. Not that we are hot heads or bad people. But because my daughter has people telling her that’s she’s a dirty black bitch. Because, people ask if I comb my hair. Because people touch my younger daughter’s hair because it’s weird. Because people ask me if I’m the nanny for my mixed race son. Because black people are dying at high rates. I am tired y’all. Tired of being put down, tired of being the minority,tired of being called colored, tired of crying, tired of being quiet. TIRED YALL. When is enough Enough? My thing with all these killings is there is no remorse shown. BLM is protesting, trying to get the word out that we need help, to no avail. Don’t get me wrong, there are some idiots, black idiots to be exact, that mess up our movement. If there wasn’t something wrong going on, no one would be protesting. I personally have been to a protest and I can honestly tell you, it is one of the most powerful, uplifting, rewarding things I’ve ever experienced for my personal growth. Everyone was holding hands and singing and hugging everyone who came to support. That was before some idiot tried to get everyone to go on the freeway.
The point of my post is too simply get everyone to open their eyes a little differently. We as a country are judging and harming our own citizens, meanwhile many from other countries are welcomed here and left alone. I will tell you one thing, my husband did not serve his country to have to worry about children walking down the street. I refuse to raise my children being afraid. We all need to come together as a nation before this get worse regardless of who is wrong or right.
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