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Re-Connect with Friends

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As I sit across from my college buddy, who I hadn’t seen in 27 years on a beautiful patio at a Snowbird resort, I think about how important personal history is. How important deep friendship and connection and quality relationships that truly bring happiness to our lives. I had followed “Jane” for years on Facebook and could see that she had survived her mission, had lived in Utah and Idaho, her partner and she appeared to have kids. I saw she liked birds and was working in our field of Social Work, as we had both decided at Utah State,…

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Driving Mr. and Mrs. Daisy

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FROM THE ARCHIVES It’s Happening!!! My role as a daughter is now changing to that of a caretaker. It’s been slow over the last ten years, a minor surgery here, a medical concern there, but my parents always bounced back swinging hard. And from a 1,000 miles away they seemed to handle it with neighbors and son. But now, it’s a full blown move to “my city”. I’ve wanted it, asked for it, and it’s here! I sometimes felt that my other siblings got their daily or weekly time when their kids were small and I was jealous of what it…

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Dancing to Prince

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So, Friday night, downtown was a tribute to the man named Prince. The club was glowing of purple both inside and out. The lamp post had purple bulbs, the trees had purple streamers and purple and white balloons bounced around the dance floor like they too had their own beat. The men and women, young, old, cross dressers, the hip, die hard fans–and those who just wanted to be–were showing their respect in short dresses, ruffles, make up and the art of turning heads. My husband and I dressed as racy as we could to our standards and dug deep…

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LovethisLife… is about celebrating the moment and that we’re not guaranteed or owed another day and how cool it is that what we hide can actually be the fuel towards our glory and that it’s not so bad being proven wrong LovethisLife…. is about welcoming the blind turn and the possibility that there’s no such thing as coincidence and that empathy is incredibly sexy and that it’s never too late to pick up a guitar or a paintbrush or to make an amend or to make a new friend LovethisLife… could be about rekindling a past flame or igniting a…

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Saying Goodbye Your Way

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DNR- Do Not Resuscitate DNAR- Do Not Attempt Resuscitation AND- Allow Natural Death Here are some acronyms that are important to write down, memorize and research. The meanings can vary from person to person and the meaning of “avoid extraordinary means to prolong life” can waiver when the time comes for you, if you don’t have your wishes down. Death can come quickly in a traumatic accident, acute medical condition (aneurysm or massive heart attack). An illness or condition that slowly takes over the body (MS or Alzheimer) or the one day that we take our last breath after decades…

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Christmas Reversals (3chickstothewind’s Husband).

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Our largest concern on Christmas Eve used to be whether we could get all of the gifts assembled between the time the children went to sleep, climbed out of bed, over and over again, and finally went to sleep. There had to be milk, and a bite out of the cookies, and batteries, and we would have to check that the video camera was plugged in and charged. We would open the doors slowly, and pad around the house in our stockings, looking out for the squeaky floorboards. Now our biggest concern is getting the kids assembled on Christmas Eve.…

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Daddy Duty

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I just got back from a class reunion type gathering with old college teammates and past athletes. It was in Utah, the beautiful but foreign community I landed on in college. A fun pick-up game of volleyball was planned as a meet and great for all the alumni who could make it. They ranged from 1985-2014. I just happened to be the oldest in the gym, by 3 months. We meandered into the gym, the four of us from the 80’s, loaded on Ibuprofen and Aleve, I think I was the only one jacked up on coffee, and sized up…

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Who Ate the Chocolate?

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This is gonna be a short one! I’ve got life happening around me and my multi-tasking skills have gone bi-polar, which I love in the manic state, ’cause I can get some shit done, but not today. He came home with a big chocolate Hershey Bar the other night.  The ones that can feed like 10, I mean 3 people.  He put it in the freezer and broke a piece, a tiny square, offered me half and said, “I love chocolate & I love you!!!” I smiled and thought, if you love me so much, why did you eat my…

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