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Okay, I have to admit when I have done a terrible job at something. Lately it has been the role of wife, daughter, and even “Momma” to my fur-babies. I have caught myself looking with disgust at my husband when he walks in the room, avoiding personal contact with my live-in father – who seems is doing the same thing to me (could it be a family trait?!?) – and telling my dogs at night when I return home, “No – Go Lay Down, Momma is tired.” Turn that frown upside down….Not so easy. I’ve fallen into that slump….the little…

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Financial Freedom

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For about two years I have listened to Dave Ramsey on the radio, and although I do not follow a certain religion, I found myself totally intrigued by his message about handling finances. I listened to his many followers who went through his Financial Peace University, both single and married couples, call in and yell out “We’re Debt Free!” He is an excellent teller of story and his abilities to tie in witty analogies along with a little religion leads to a program that is both inspirational and practical. So two weeks ago, I decided to sign up my husband…

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2016 Ideas

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1.) Get Certified in CPR. a. Did you know that your town has classes that you can attend for very little cost? This year I know of two very special people in my life who had to step up for their loved one and perform CPR until Paramedics showed up. If not for them, these people would not be alive. 2.) Get Certified in Animal CPR and Distress. a. My town also provides a Certification Class for residents who are interested in learning animal CPR, how to do the Heimlich on an animal, and what to do in other emergencies…

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A Girl’s Best Frenulum

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Everyone has a natural born gift. Some believe that some gifts are so unexplained they must be a past life’s remnant of what your life was before. Some have the talents of dance, song, storytelling…the list can go on and on – you get the gist. Well, today my fellow blog mates, I would like to introduce you to “A Girl’s Best Frenulum”. I obviously was a Madam/Lady of the Night of some sort in my past life as I have perfected this unusual skill, I actually do suck….lucky me! During my dating years it came in quite handy….no pun…

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My husband and I have a very open relationship….we tell each other everything and do things in front of each other that I, even though I am a very open person, would probably never admit to. So here it goes, for everyone’s personal enjoyment: 1. I fart uncontrollably at work, at home, at the supermarket. I am a crop duster. Girls fart. Girls fart bad. How can someone tell me that they are on a juicing diet and not tell me that they have the most awful flatulence ever? I even fart sometimes and the fart bubble travels into my…

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Relationship Roaches

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As a young child, I quickly identified that I wanted nothing to do with being a “third wheel”. If I was invited over to a friend’s house, I quickly asked if this was going to be that person and me, or a grouping of friends. If it was a grouping, I politely declined the offer. It wasn’t something my parents instilled in me, in fact, I think that they would have liked me to have more friends during that point in my life. When I was in High School and College this all changed. The yearning for friends, whether good…

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Workplace Follies

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I sat and pondered for a couple of weeks on what topic I would choose for my first entry. Well, it just came to me. Now I am all for the Need a Penny, Take a Penny, Have a Penny, Leave a Penny Idea. However, when it comes to my secret stash of tampons in the Ladies at the Workplace, that rule is Null and Void. Tampon Takers of the World, we have all been in that pinch, I am not stating I would shun the idea of being your Dutch Boy in the Dam, but if you replace my product…

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