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What the heck happened to me? And when did it happen? Mentally I think I’m 25, but physically, there’s no hiding that I’m in my mid-40s. For me, it’s strange to make the transition because I don’t feel old, I’m just getting older. I like that aging comes with more self- confidence; more freedom from worry of what others think about me, but sometimes, the physical part of aging isn’t so desirable. “Hold on a second, let me get my glasses so I can see that spread sheet.” What? This actually comes out of my mouth?!! Now I have 3 pairs…

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For The Time Being

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Go. Go. Go. Do. Do. Do. Rush. Rush. Rush. I feel like my mind is always going and that I’m always trying to accomplish something. Whether it’s something at work, a clean house, a stocked fridge ….every day, it’s something new to check off the list. But lately, my heart has been hurting because my rushing around has caused me to miss out on something that I’ll never get back, and that’s quality time with those I love. My son will be grown before I know it, and I didn’t snuggle with him because I had to get down stairs…

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You Be The Judge

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​The story you are about to read isn’t really a good dinner party story. But when this happened to me, I went to work and talked about it. Not sure if it was out of embarrassment, shock, trauma, but for whatever reason, I had to share it. You be the judge. Would you have done the same? Monday morning. Rushing around, trying to get everything I need so I can leave the house on time. Hurry. Hurry. If I don’t leave now, I’m going to get caught in morning rush hour traffic. I fly from the kitchen, to my bathroom,…

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Grace is something that I don’t seem to possess much of. When I think of someone who’s graceful, I think of a woman who’s dressed in pastel colors, soft spoken, speaks only well thought out ideas or comments and someone who can wear high heels without sounding like a horse is stomping down the hallway. About a year ago, I challenged myself to become more graceful. I mean come on, I’m too old not to have a little bit of grace in my repertoire! I have little reminders of Grace around me at all times. I have a little bottle…

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What Up Doc?

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Like most people, I have to go to the doctor from time to time. I do what I’m supposed to do. I make an appointment, I answer their reminder calls to confirm, I show up early to check-in as they request and I pay my bills on time afterwards. Sounds like I should fit into the good patient category, however, my last appointment might put me on the “do not allow an appointment” list! It all started off fine. I showed up 15 min early. I checked in, I filled out the forms, I gave my insurance card, I sat…

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What Memo?

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I consider myself to be a light hearted person. I can laugh with anyone, anytime and have fun in whatever I’m doing, even work!  But what is it with some people who walk around with the mentality of “It’s all about me, and it’s all about me right now.”   I’m sorry, I didn’t get the memo. Had I known, I wouldn’t have busted out my “I can be an asshole” memo on you. I didn’t realize that when you put your blinker on, that it meant you’re coming over right now; I thought it meant that your intention is…

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I Hate You

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My mom once told me that I will love my child no matter what, but I have to raise him so others will “like” him. Even though I wasn’t a young, first time mom, I didn’t grasp what she was telling me so I asked her to elaborate. She said that if my child doesn’t have anger towards me or tell me that he hates me, then I’m doing something wrong. What? I don’t want my kid to hate me. I love my mom with all my heart, what the heck is she talking about? Fast forward a few years…

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Number 7

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I’m day number 7 chick. Great.  Another number to be judged on. As if it wasn’t enough to be judged on the numbers that relate to my height, my weight, my size in clothes, my income, how many kids I have, how many times I’ve been married, how many men I’ve slept with, how much square footage my house has, etc. Now I get to be judged on being number 7!  Would it be better if I was number 1? Or a 10? What’s behind the number anyway? Anything? Yes, I say. There’s an opportunity to find the positive in…

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