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Are you pregnant?

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I dated my husband for five years before he proposed. For at least four of those years, my life consisted of “When is he going to propose?!” and “You aren’t going to wait forever!” Really? If I make the decision to spend the rest of my life with someone, they are clearly worth waiting for, right? I always found that so stupid. Regardless, that time in my life is finally over! We tied the knot. No sooner than AT MY WEDDING RECEPTION did the next phase in my life begin- the “When are you going to have kids?” chapter. The…

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My Steering Wheel

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No one knows me like my steering wheel. No one experiences my raw, irrational emotions like my steering wheel. She has seen me at my best and at my worst. As someone who drives quite a bit for work, I spend a lot of time holding hands with “Steery.” She must get a kick out of my inconsistent attire and make up each day I enter the vehicle. Sometimes I throw my purse in and pull out of the driveway like an unattractive Danika Patrick, but with far less skill rushing to the gym or making a last minute burrito…

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Quarter Life Crisis

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A month before my 25th birthday, my husband nonchalantly comments, “Wow this is the last time you will be under a quarter-century!” Umm. Why. What would possess this man to make a comment like that?! What did I do to him to deserve such carelessness? Instantly, I begin dissecting every life choice I had ever made. What if I never quit piano when I was nine? Or volleyball at 17? Or modeling at 22? Where would I be? Did I marry the right person? What constitutes the “right person?” Is being close to 25 the reason I am starting to…

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