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Leave Well-Enough Alone

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Leave Well-Enough Alone “Are you kidding me?” my younger sister yelled after checking out the silver dollar-sized burn to my chin.  I raced to the guest bathroom, flipping on the light switch and praying that the damage to my skin in no way paralleled my sister’s outburst.   Staring back at me was I sight I will never forget.  The burn on my chin, red as a raging mad man, was the result of a beautification technique.  What was to be an hour of pampering my face – which included steaming and a facial with a massage – became nothing short…

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Keeping It Real

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It’s just a little white lie. Fib. Exaggeration. A bit of fiction. Honestly, it could just be called total bullsh_t. How easy it is to say what you think people want to hear versus what you really are thinking or feeling. Whichever word/words you use to describe the name for the response you give to someone, at any moment, on any given day, when you don’t want to say what you’re thinking is still, well, wrong. My auntie, God rest her soul, thought differently. Years ago, I attended a family reunion in Bay City, Michigan and had a chance to…

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“A-Breast” of the Situation

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“Wow!  She is so breast-taking!” my friend Mike said as we were taking a water break on the tennis court. “Come again?  Don’t you mean breathtaking?” I asked.   No, Mike chose to use his word to describe a rather large breasted young woman who was playing tennis several courts down from us — but obviously in his eyes’ view. “Really?” I voiced sounding quite irritated and shook my head in disbelief that he would actually make a sexist comment in my presence.  “Grow up, Mike.  Even my husband wouldn’t make a comment like that in front of me.”  He did…

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Hey, Sexy Lady!

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Every woman needs an ego fix once in a while.  Not that our gender is in any way vain or overly needy but for the sheer pleasure of being on the receiving end of a compliment as often, wherever, and whenever they pop up.  It just does a body good.  However, I’ve learned that, as I age gracefully (fingers crossed), a compliment can go awry and create a very uncomfortable situation for the receiver, the giver and those that were privy to it. It was a triple digit day and one where the relative humidity created a muggy, steam-room feeling…

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