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Stream of Thought

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Read an article by a mom about her 12 year old daughter getting a kik account. I was educated that day, once again, at how I fear my kids growing up in THIS world. Saw a very cool science fair project about making cookies with differing types of sweeteners. Why didn’t I think of that when I had to do my damn science fair project? I “invented” the spoon straw. I convinced myself that no one had invented that before in hopes that they never got a Slurpee in their lives. My house is messy because I don’t like how…

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No More Pill Popping

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We were created with the capacity to heal ourselves from the physical to the mental, as well as the spiritual. We are three part beings, and when one aspect is out of whack, we have all the tools needed to bring ourselves back to a centered, peaceful existence. There are no quick fixes when it comes to true health, it is more of a process that takes time and dedication to ourselves. Well being will never be found in the bottom of a pharmacy bottle. I grew up as an asthmatic with horrible seasonal allergies and the annual bout of…

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I Am Always Being Watched

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I am always being watched. I am not paranoid, I just have three kids. It has dawned on me more in the past few months, that these watchers are watching everything, not just the important things, but everything. My watchers are gaining in years, the oldest will be a teen in just two more years, and this has prompted a re-evaluation of myself. First area to evaluate, my behavior in the car. Along with the kids aging, comes the excitement of sitting in the front seat. I thought, this will be great, they will start to realize directions, street names,…

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A Barbie?

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I am so over the lies of Christmas! It starts out innocently enough… the elf on the shelf, Santa, the flying reindeer, the Polar Express, the North Pole Experience. All of these Christmas time experiences were brought into our family with good intentions. But now I have a savvy six year old who knows it is all fake, and an 11 years old and a 9 year old who truly with all their hearts still believe. So I am the one that feels trapped in the Christmas non-truths. I seriously hate the physical feeling I get when my youngest is…

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Can’t we all give thanks?

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I overheard the cashier ask the woman in the Trader Joe’s check out line if she was finishing up her Thanksgiving shopping. The response from the woman, “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.” The cashier, instead of standing there with jaw dropped open like I did, quickly commented something to the effect of everyday shopping today for you. I found her comment about not celebrating Thanksgiving to be very interesting and at the same time unsettling, which then made me interested in why I was so unsettled about it. So often we do things in life just because that’s they way we…

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The Annual Fall Of Fall

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Every Fall I fall. Every Autumn I have a sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. I get restless and unsatisfied with myself. It is a cycle I have experienced annually for quite a few years. In October of 2006 I wrote the following… I am… woman, lost, unsure, scared, full of it, weird, wondering, lazy, wanting to be different, shut down, different on the inside as opposed to the outside, wandering, understanding, full of tears, triggered by the slightest thing, questioning – When will I get to the point in my life that I can live in the flow,…

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Public Schools Aren’t For Everyone

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“Public schools aren’t for everyone.” This is the statement I got when questioning why the pace of my son’s first grade class was so ramped up. My son is six. He has been alive on this earth for just six years. The amount of information and the pace in which it is being delivered is baffling to me. I was a teacher in public schools for eleven years. I loved it, and I was good at it. I used to look down my nose at the parents that moved their kids around from charter schools, to public schools, a dabble…

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