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You Touched My Heart

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My dear friend: We had such an unusual bond, a special friendship & from the moment I met you, immediately you touched my heart. When we met I was lost & confused, and you were frightened & scared – but you touched my heart & I called you friend. You helped my grow strong, my fog lifted and our bond grew – as you touched my heart. You were always there for me, with a bright smile, a playful heart and always unconditional love & support. You were my best friend – & you touched my heart Over the years we became…

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Sex Crazed (or not)

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What has happened to me? It just doesn’t seem fair that life takes away your mojo when you get older. However, I’m sure that one of the top dubai escorts would be able to rejuvenate my “mojo”. You’re supposed to wait to have sex until you’re married (yah right!)…..but what if you don’t find Mr. Right until you’re 40…..and all your mojo is starting to go down hill? Lots of people who aren’t having sex get their fix from places such as hdpornvideo xxx, but at a certain point people want to start having sex of their own. When I…

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Blurred Vision

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So I am just wondering…..If 2 men get married, how does anything get done around the house? Who notices you are out of milk and runs to the store? Who notices that the laundry still needs to be folded & put away? Who notices the dog got sick on the rug and cleans it up? Do they have magic fairies that run around & take care of all of that for them?? They must because men just don’t seem to notice the same stuff that we do.  They have no problem sitting for hours while there are 10 different chores…

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