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What I Want to Know

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DISCLAIMER I am sooooo delving into the world of a stereotype, and I apologize ahead of time to any guys reading this who don’t fit.   I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I don’t know about men.  I’m approaching 50, my husband will get to 60 first. As I’m typing this at the kitchen table, my husband is watching a documentary on Netflix 10 feet away from me, and commenting/asking questions.  I just heard “Buddy Holly was on The Ed SulllivanShow,”  “Wow, the wind is really blowing, it’s a good thing that we aren’t on the Raceway (a…

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The Letting Go

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Melissa, let it go. My internal voice seems to be telling me that a lot lately.  Crap, I forgot to refill my kid’s zit cream prescription.  Melissa, let it go, one night without it isn’t going to make her a social pariah.  I haven’t written my blog yet. Melissa, let it go, you still have a few days to play with this idea.  Damn, I forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer before I left for work.  Melissa, let it go, we can call out for pizza tonight. In these day to day, non-life threatening cases, the voice…

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Of Meatballs and Oscars

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I was reading in the sun on Saturday afternoon and when I walked into the house to grab a…beverage…my husband was watching the last part of Finding Forrester.   As much as I wanted to return to the sun and my book and my beer, the fact that my favorite scene was on, where Jamal calls out his English teacher in front of the class, I was obliged to sit on the couch and watch the remaining  20 or so minutes. As I was paying partial attention to the Academy Awards the following night, “And the best actoracterssdocumentaryspecialeffects goes to…” it…

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This Is Just To Say

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This is one of my favorite poems. This Is Just To Say I have eaten the plums that were in the icebox   and which you were probably saving for breakfast   Forgive me they were delicious so sweet and so cold William Carlos Williams Whenever I read it I imagine a woman, leaving her lover’s house in the morning while he is still sleeping, eating the plums and leaving a note on the icebox door. It says “forgive me,” but she doesn’t really mean it. I am admittedly painting with a broad brush here, but when it comes to…

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Off the Hook

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I am really glad that I’m not justachik1.  There is a certain amount of pressure associated with writing the first blog of the year.  I’m sure she did it beautifully or hilariously or probably both.  That said, I have spent a lot of time letting this blog marinate.  There is something about the approach of a new year that makes me want to write something particularly brilliant, something that will inspire change in the lives of the millions of readers this blog will reach. Alas, this morning as I was having my coffee I read Seth Godin’s blog.  Even the…

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The Oath

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When I was in junior high I remember being with my mom and grandma as my grandma went on, in detail, about the various ailments she and her friends suffered from.  When we were alone, my mom turned to me and pleaded, “Please tell me if I ever start doing that.”  I distinctly remember laughing and reassuring her that she would never act like Grandma.  They were polar opposites. Fast forward thirty-five years, and as I prepared Thanksgiving dinner listening to my mom go on, in detail, about the various ailments she and her friends suffer from (and this isn’t…

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Coping Strategies

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I was “called out” at work last week (via a Google survey) in a somewhat public and very unprofessional way.  It was kind of like the junior high scenario in which a couple of girls “anonymously” wrote a note telling me how much I suck and slid it through the vent of my locker. I am thirty-five years past those days, and yet, initially, I reacted like a thirteen year old.  I was indignant, defensive, and most of all hurt. On Friday, a few days after this happened, I had to tell my internal monologue to STFU.  In doing so an…

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Changing Viewpoints

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  The decline was gradual, I suppose.  The day my boss laughingly offered to hold a page of small print farther away so that I could read it.  The afternoon sitting at my kitchen table grading a stack of essays and realizing, damn, that writing looks blurry.  Going to Walgreens and buying the first pair of readers.  I only needed them if I had a lot of grading to do, or if the text I was reading was particularly small. The cheaters culture was not new, my husband began buying the 5 packs of cheap wire-rims at Costco years before.  I…

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Goin’ Rogue

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A few days ago my work friend Tam, a self-diagnosed choc-o-holic, told me that she accepted a challenge to give up sweets for thirty days: “I was eating a Tootsie Roll for breakfast—at the gym.” I laughed, not because she was trying to be funny, but because she was being real. So I’m pushing 50, and a lot of my girlfriends are either approaching the mark, or have passed it, and the thing about the story Tam told, so naturally, so without hesitation, is what I love about being well passed 40.  In my late 30s I quit caring about…

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