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Doing Nothing

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My pastor recently did a sermon series on the importance of doing nothing – and the idea resonated with me. What does doing nothing entail? Well, it doesn’t actually mean doing nothing. It doesn’t mean ignoring what is wrong or failing to speak for what is right. It doesn’t mean not following through on your responsibilities. It doesn’t mean letting others down. Rather, doing nothing involves making and taking time for yourself. While doing nothing might seem passive – and in many ways it is – you can’t do nothing unless you schedule time to do so. Doing nothing requires…

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Checking In

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Last night I realized that what was tomorrow at the time but is now today was Friday, May 13. The thirteenth – the day I regularly post to 30 Chix. Just last month I wrote about my struggles with mental illness. I experienced an unbelievable (if rather brief) high that came from the catharsis of writing about a hidden truth of my life. Even though I was only sharing (mostly) anonymously with a virtual world, it was an incredibly uplifting experience. And then came the crash. No, not a total wipe-out. Instead it has been a gradual sinking into blueness.…

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Naked and (trying hard to not be) Afraid

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It seems to me that a lot of my posts have their beginnings in a piece of literature I share with my creative writing students. This post is no exception. Below is my response to the beautifully lyrical Waiting for My Clothes. I wrote this before my recent post (;grace) and yet it is an appropriate follow-up (with additional text) to that piece. Naked is so much more than only wearing your birthday suit, more than being starkers, more than nudity. While naked can be a physical state – a lack of clothing or other type of socially accepted camouflage…

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The Lanyard

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I have always processed my emotions through my writing. Recently in my creative writing class we read the poem The Lanyard by Billy Collins. The piece below is my response to the poem.   A difficult truth to face is that there is virtually nothing we can give to our mothers that will suitably recompense them for all they have done for us. No lanyard, no plaster of Paris handprint, no coupon book of hugs is ever equal to all that our mothers do for us. I’m not saying that our mothers don’t appreciate these gifts – they do. But…

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