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No More Free Boobing

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My boobs are no longer my friends. Sometimes I don’t even think they are friends with each other. Gone are the days when they stood to attention, they both looked the same way, they were round and pert. In those days I was even known to go free boobing.  They jiggled just enough to be… interesting. But now they just hang there like two soggy sand bags. These days, there’s a different routine. I pack them into my titslinger, making sure everything’s tucked inside the sling, of course.  The last thing I need to look like is the three-breasted mutant from Total Recall.…

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A Short Trip

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Recently I was lucky enough to get a short trip to The Netherlands, my husband had to go for work, so I decided to tag along. It was in March the weather was not good, cold and wet, but it was fun to visit again. It made me realize how alike yet very different life is here in the USA and over there. It’s great that so many people in The Netherlands actually speak English, so if your thinking of visiting Europe and feel intimidated by the language barrier, The Netherlands is the place to go, I don’t think I…

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That’s My Boy

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Recently while chatting with a friend we got onto the subject of our kids. Her daughter had got into some trouble at school, nothing serious just some silly stuff. And, this got me thinking about my son – my wonderful, handful of a son. So I thought I’d share one of my his finest tales. When my son was 4 years old, we enrolled him in preschool. He went there Monday to Friday. Three days a week he would be there till around noon, the other two he would stay there all day to around 2 pm. My husband and I…

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Just A Click Away

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Happy New 2016, How’s everyone year going so far. My getting organized resolution has just bit the dust. Last minute again, maybe next month. Sorry Justachick1 🙁 Recently I was chewing the fat (chatting) with a high school kid, as an assignment for one of his classes he was designing a poster with computer components on it. Inevitable the question of “what was it like in olden times” came up. Usually I’ll say I don’t know because I’m only 25 and dyslexic…… But this time because he was genuinely asking about how we survived without modern, on demand, always there technology and…

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Done and Dusted

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Can’t believe that it’s my turn again – 30 days sure goes fast. I’ve spent the last week or so, (to be honest I’ve spent the last 30 days) thinking about what I would be writing about and just as usual it’s the day before and I’ve got nothing….  nothing…! I think my problem is that I have trouble relating the premise of this blog with how I see myself. I don’t think I suck.  In fact, as a teenager, I kind of thought I was the bees knees. It was my way or the highway. I was never one…

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Age Is A State Of Mind

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Recently I celebrated a birthday, not a significant birthday, but one that made me realize I was getting old. I remember my mother at this age, I was 19 she was 52, I thought she was ancient. How can I be that old? I remember thinking how out of touch she was, how she couldn’t understand “my life”. Is that how my kids see me? I certainly don’t think I’m out of touch. I mean I use Facebook, I Skype, I shop and bank online. How out of touch can I be? Right? As I lay there I realized, when…

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I’m a hypocrite

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I try to be the type of person who does not judge others. I believe that you are solely responsible for your own choices, good or bad, you live with the consequences of those decisions. Because you have chosen one path and I another does not make you right and me wrong, or vice-versa. I can’t know the circumstances that led you to that choice. I can’t honestly say that in the same circumstances I wouldn’t make the same choice. This is a principle I try very hard to live by. Now you know what’s coming… but… Yes, I have…

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She’s at that age

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Do you know September is menopause awareness? No? Do you know that 2015 is not the first menopause awareness month?  2004 that was the first menopause awareness month. The FDA implemented a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the benefits and risks of hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, so was born Menopause Awareness Month. Unlike October, which is breast cancer awareness month, or November America Diabetes month, there are no fun runs, no Step Out Walks. For the 37.5 million women who are suffering menopause, the highlight of this month is visiting menopause awareness month web page and showing your support…

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