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Rules. Expectations.

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These are similar, but sometimes the lines between them are blurred. I thought I was getting the hang of the rules AND expectations for being a good mom and a good wife… I have yet to really “get it” though. These rules and expectations seem to be ever changing and I can never just be there in that glorious place where I’ve GOT IT! So let me examine a few of these with you and see where it all falls, I will start with the mom rules – I seem to be MUCH MORE on target here, but not for…

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Major Fits

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I am so embarrassed. I had less composure than a 3 year old. I am sure I won the BIG MOY award with this!! Here’s how it went… Our mornings start the same (well…mostly!) I get up, get ready and then I get the rest up to have breakfast and get ready for the day. So… we did that. About the time all the kids came up, well, that is where it all went wrong… The kitchen was still a mess from the night before so I asked for help. Oops! One kid has to go. He’ll be late for…

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Working Moms

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Working mom or stay at home mom – That title probably elicits some kind of feeling for most of us, mother or not. For me it is a mixture of guilt, inadequacy and anxiety. Like I need one more thing to help me feel that way… I think if you are a mom, you are a working mom. Period. Some of us stay at home and some of us go outside of our home. There are good and not so good in both arenas. Each has its own ups and downs. Both types of mom are EQUALLY important to our…

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First Snow

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I love the anticipation of the first snow of the season. I also dread it. I think it’s the idea of the snow softly falling, the glow of the night sky and the calm serenity of looking out at the glistening fresh snow – it’s peaceful. That is what I love. Then there is the reality of what happens that morning…(because really, it NEVER happens on the weekend when we can snuggle in and enjoy it) We know it is coming.  The weatherman says so, we feel it in the air and our bones. Snow is on the way.  Are…

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Another Mother of the Year

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Well – I get M.O.Y yet again!! I realize that I cannot be everywhere at the same time…but I should be.  Yesterday was one of those crazy days when all of my kids were going in totally different directions.  This is a regular occurrence in our house just given the ages – 9, 10, 15, 17, and 20…  One has a party, one is at a friends, one is working, one has senior pictures and the last one has a city league championship game to play.  All during the same time period.  Yay! Ok – I can get the one…

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Precious Gift

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I am excited!  What should I do?  I have been given a gift.  A very rare and precious gift.  A night ALONE at home.  In 21 years of marriage and 5 kids, I have never been alone at home.  I’ve had nights when my husband is gone, when I have been gone, when kids are gone or some kind of combination, but NEVER alone at my own house. My husband has been gone off and on for the last three weeks with equipment on fires.  My soon to be 20 year old lives on his own and the other four…

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