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Whose mirror is that anyway?

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Today, I got my feelings hurt. Let me tell y’all this turning 30 thing has taught me a lot. So, I thought I was a fun-loving, cool, down-to-earth, cute type of girl. Today, I realized I am still all of those things but also a little insecure and sensitive. I work in a doctor’s office. We are frequented with pharmaceutical reps. Usually we are inundated with Barbie chicks with the annoying laugh and flip of the hair as they flirt with my boss. Or sometimes the reps who look like old Vegas hookers and are pushy and maybe should’ve had…

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Calgon! Take me away!!!

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Fuck! Excuse my language, but I am fucking whooped! I have had the most eventful week and a half with no end in sight. I have cried, laughed, cried some more, been scared, been silly, cried some more. Look out people!!! Keep away from the animal. I won’t get into details about everything. I’ll just start from today. I couldn’t find my foundation brush. I fear my two and a half year old son make have snuck it to the babysitter’s house and painted obscenities on one of the cats, especially Coco- who’s name is actually Toby. #don’t ask MY…

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