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Take Two

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So a month ago I reminded myself how much I really suck as a wife and mother. A month ago I was feeling an immense amount of guilt over the unfortunate death of our kitten. I was the one who saw his photo online and just had to have him. We didn’t know that he already had Feline Infectious Peritonitis. He lived for eight months and was with us for 3.5. Since there is no cure and the progression of the disease seemed to be fast for him, the decision was made to euthanize him before he really began to…

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So Hard to Say Goodbye

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So late last fall, I made the decision that my boys needed a pet. I wasn’t sure whether we would go for a dog or a cat but I thought it was time. My husband wasn’t thrilled about it but I think he went along with it, assuming that my ADHD would kick in and I would be off to the next project. Wrong! One night while scouring local rescue websites for the perfect kitten, I stumbled upon a photo of a beautiful Russian Blue mix whose name was Olaf. I immediately completed an application to adopt him. The next…

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What about your friends?

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Over the past few months I have had some rather difficult conversations with my youngest child regarding friendships. He had expressed disappointment that he doesn’t have many close friends to hang out with. Assuming my kid isn’t an asshole to other people his age, I know there are some possible reasons he doesn’t have close friends. For starters, he and his brothers have mostly attended schools out of the neighborhood, which can sometimes make it difficult to schedule play dates. Then, within the neighborhood, there are not many children his age. Well, there is one kid down the street but…

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I Love You, Granny

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My maternal grandmother was a special kind of grandmother. She was the one who always had butterscotch hard candies or peppermint disks in her purse for when she became a little antsy during those long church services. She always kept a candy dish full of those candies as well as another for chocolate-covered peanuts on her sofa table. I loved those visits to her house in the country after church services in that small town or on holidays or other special occasions. She made the best Sunday dinners; the best beef roasts with the perfect, thick brown gravy and the…

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Happy Holidays!

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Happy Holidays I went back home a month ago and during a nightly “check-in” call to my husband and kids, he mentioned asking my mom to come stay with us over Christmas. I immediately brushed it off and forgot because I assumed that she would decline the offer. A year ago my brother had offered to pay her way to fly out with him and his wife and daughter but my mom turned him down. She said something about “air travel being too crazy” or “not feeling up to it”. Some excuse, any excuse would do. Anyway, upon my return…

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My Brother’s Keeper

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I recently traveled to my hometown and just as he always is, my brother was there to meet me at the airport. Every single time I travel home, I feel as though I am giving him somewhat of a reprieve from being the primary caregiver to our parents. No, neither is sickly, fragile, or dependent but when emergencies, major or minor occur, my brother is the one to rush to their respective homes or to the emergency room. My brother dutifully texts or calls me to let me know what is happening.   When he calls, I can hear the slightest…

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Yes, I’m ThatChik.

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A few weeks ago, I started a conversation with my husband doing something that women just should not do: I compared myself to other women, other moms. I quizzed my poor husband about whether or not I am completely anti-social or inappropriate because I do not do some of the things that some other women do. Just how bad do I suck at being a woman, a mom? I am slow to befriend new people. Sure, I will participate in activities that support the schools or organizations in which my children participate but that doesn’t mean I am going to…

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