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New Neighbors

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I remember growing up with fabulous neighbors. They were the type of neighbors where you could just wander over and were welcome whenever. I look back of videos of my third birthday, and there they are. Since moving from that house at the age of 9, I never quite developed that relationship with any other neighbors. In college, I lived 5 places in 4 years. There really wasn’t time to develop any sort of connection with neighbors. I mean, it’s not like I baked and needed to borrow an egg. I was never home. My neighbors in my fourth house…

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For the past three years, I have lived in a house with bare white walls. I’ve attempted at hanging a few pictures but nothing that looked good. I’m not sure if I was afraid of doing anything too “permanent” or if I just didn’t care enough to decorate. However, once I got pregnant, my outlook on my house changed. This isn’t just another place I’m going to live in momentarily then forget about when I move out, like all of my living spaces in college. No. This is where I’m going to bring home my baby girl. This will be…

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STOP, the clock….Just Kidding, full speed ahead

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Yep, next week is my birthday and I am loud and proudly announcing that I will be the big 4-9! I mean why not shout it from the rooftops? Life is pretty darn good. I have my health, despite the extra pounds that I once again start a new year vowing to eliminate forever….(last months article). I have a great family…sure we have a few warts here and there, but despite the Facebook illusion that everyone’s life is perfect, we all know, the really good stuff doesn’t get posted, so I consider my blended family pretty darn normal and that…

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Bring on the INK!

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Tattoos.  Ink cover arms, ribs, feet, backs and legs in shades of blues, blacks, reds, purples and faded yellows. Names, words, symbols and lost faces of people or moments that triggered that image to be remembered forever!Forever! Yeas ago, women often got ink to cover scars from child birth or injury. Service men to show the pain of war. As a first responder, I’ve seen years of ink spread over miles of skin. Old and young. Military, gangs, moms, grandparents and grandchildren (do you really think your grandma would have wanted her name across your chest?), frat boys and athletes.…

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