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She’s at that age

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Do you know September is menopause awareness? No? Do you know that 2015 is not the first menopause awareness month?  2004 that was the first menopause awareness month. The FDA implemented a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the benefits and risks of hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, so was born Menopause Awareness Month. Unlike October, which is breast cancer awareness month, or November America Diabetes month, there are no fun runs, no Step Out Walks. For the 37.5 million women who are suffering menopause, the highlight of this month is visiting menopause awareness month web page and showing your support…

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So I am sitting here in a panic attack trying to think of something interesting and funny to talk about. I completely feel inadequate to be doing this compared to all others in this group. Since college, the only writing I have done is in emails asking for business or to provide an explanation on a technical datasheet! How boring is that! I really do need to take more time to actually write! Oh but what TIME?! I wish my life had more TIME! I have to say though that I really do love my life. I am very happy…

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Worth the Weight

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I have finally reached the weight on my driver’s license!!! You know how it is…you get your driver’s license and figure you should weigh say…15 pounds less. So you go ahead and write that wishful weight down (it’s not like they make you step on a scale). The policeman that pulls you over for speeding will never know your true weight especially since you are sitting down. (Suck in your gut as he approaches the window. Relax as he goes back to his vehicle. Suck in again when he comes back.) Weight – “never ask a woman her weight”. It…

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Number 7

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I’m day number 7 chick. Great.  Another number to be judged on. As if it wasn’t enough to be judged on the numbers that relate to my height, my weight, my size in clothes, my income, how many kids I have, how many times I’ve been married, how many men I’ve slept with, how much square footage my house has, etc. Now I get to be judged on being number 7!  Would it be better if I was number 1? Or a 10? What’s behind the number anyway? Anything? Yes, I say. There’s an opportunity to find the positive in…

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Calgon! Take me away!!!

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Fuck! Excuse my language, but I am fucking whooped! I have had the most eventful week and a half with no end in sight. I have cried, laughed, cried some more, been scared, been silly, cried some more. Look out people!!! Keep away from the animal. I won’t get into details about everything. I’ll just start from today. I couldn’t find my foundation brush. I fear my two and a half year old son make have snuck it to the babysitter’s house and painted obscenities on one of the cats, especially Coco- who’s name is actually Toby. #don’t ask MY…

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‘To Be Or Not To Be’

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This is my life… So, I figured the best way to start this off would be with an introduction…Hi, I am a chick in my 30s, have a house, a job, a boyfriend who has two sons from a previous marriage, and together we have a beautiful little girl. Yes, we had a baby out of wedlock and I often get the question, “when are you two going to get married?” The answer is, we are NOT. Which brings me to the question, “what is marriage, really?” Why do people get married? This is something I have pondered for a…

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Workplace Follies

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I sat and pondered for a couple of weeks on what topic I would choose for my first entry. Well, it just came to me. Now I am all for the Need a Penny, Take a Penny, Have a Penny, Leave a Penny Idea. However, when it comes to my secret stash of tampons in the Ladies at the Workplace, that rule is Null and Void. Tampon Takers of the World, we have all been in that pinch, I am not stating I would shun the idea of being your Dutch Boy in the Dam, but if you replace my product…

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Goin’ Rogue

Posted in La Segunda Chica

A few days ago my work friend Tam, a self-diagnosed choc-o-holic, told me that she accepted a challenge to give up sweets for thirty days: “I was eating a Tootsie Roll for breakfast—at the gym.” I laughed, not because she was trying to be funny, but because she was being real. So I’m pushing 50, and a lot of my girlfriends are either approaching the mark, or have passed it, and the thing about the story Tam told, so naturally, so without hesitation, is what I love about being well passed 40.  In my late 30s I quit caring about…

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Welcome to 30chix

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We are a two and a half dozen women who suck at being women. It’s not that we don’t get it.  We do.  How could we not?  We are bombarded daily. Style magazines tell us we suck at beauty and fashion as they point out we’re wearing last year’s color and our skin needs a good exfoliation. Pinterest tells us we suck at design and organization as it mocks us with all the creative ideas and cool projects we will never have the time, motivation, or resources to complete. Parenting experts (aka everyone) tells us we suck at motherhood as…

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