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No More Free Boobing

Posted in McChik10

My boobs are no longer my friends. Sometimes I don’t even think they are friends with each other. Gone are the days when they stood to attention, they both looked the same way, they were round and pert. In those days I was even known to go free boobing.  They jiggled just enough to be… interesting. But now they just hang there like two soggy sand bags. These days, there’s a different routine. I pack them into my titslinger, making sure everything’s tucked inside the sling, of course.  The last thing I need to look like is the three-breasted mutant from Total Recall.…

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What the heck happened to me? And when did it happen? Mentally I think I’m 25, but physically, there’s no hiding that I’m in my mid-40s. For me, it’s strange to make the transition because I don’t feel old, I’m just getting older. I like that aging comes with more self- confidence; more freedom from worry of what others think about me, but sometimes, the physical part of aging isn’t so desirable. “Hold on a second, let me get my glasses so I can see that spread sheet.” What? This actually comes out of my mouth?!! Now I have 3 pairs…

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