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Driving Mr. and Mrs. Daisy

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FROM THE ARCHIVES It’s Happening!!! My role as a daughter is now changing to that of a caretaker. It’s been slow over the last ten years, a minor surgery here, a medical concern there, but my parents always bounced back swinging hard. And from a 1,000 miles away they seemed to handle it with neighbors and son. But now, it’s a full blown move to “my city”. I’ve wanted it, asked for it, and it’s here! I sometimes felt that my other siblings got their daily or weekly time when their kids were small and I was jealous of what it…

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The Oath

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When I was in junior high I remember being with my mom and grandma as my grandma went on, in detail, about the various ailments she and her friends suffered from.  When we were alone, my mom turned to me and pleaded, “Please tell me if I ever start doing that.”  I distinctly remember laughing and reassuring her that she would never act like Grandma.  They were polar opposites. Fast forward thirty-five years, and as I prepared Thanksgiving dinner listening to my mom go on, in detail, about the various ailments she and her friends suffer from (and this isn’t…

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My Brother’s Keeper

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I recently traveled to my hometown and just as he always is, my brother was there to meet me at the airport. Every single time I travel home, I feel as though I am giving him somewhat of a reprieve from being the primary caregiver to our parents. No, neither is sickly, fragile, or dependent but when emergencies, major or minor occur, my brother is the one to rush to their respective homes or to the emergency room. My brother dutifully texts or calls me to let me know what is happening.   When he calls, I can hear the slightest…

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