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No More Free Boobing

Posted in McChik10

My boobs are no longer my friends. Sometimes I don’t even think they are friends with each other. Gone are the days when they stood to attention, they both looked the same way, they were round and pert. In those days I was even known to go free boobing.  They jiggled just enough to be… interesting. But now they just hang there like two soggy sand bags. These days, there’s a different routine. I pack them into my titslinger, making sure everything’s tucked inside the sling, of course.  The last thing I need to look like is the three-breasted mutant from Total Recall.…

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Silicone Valley

Posted in ChickNorris29

Southern California can be a difficult place to grow up for a chick. The weather is great and everyone hangs out at the beach all year. Pool parties and lake parties and river parties are always going on, and girls always in bikinis. As I got older, I realized how many of those girls had big fake boobs………and although some of them looked good (Not ALL of them) I vowed NEVER to get fake boobs. The naturally beautiful girls always rocked my world, and I was always proud to remain “natural.” Now bear with my on my rant about small…

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“A-Breast” of the Situation

Posted in chikntender9

“Wow!  She is so breast-taking!” my friend Mike said as we were taking a water break on the tennis court. “Come again?  Don’t you mean breathtaking?” I asked.   No, Mike chose to use his word to describe a rather large breasted young woman who was playing tennis several courts down from us — but obviously in his eyes’ view. “Really?” I voiced sounding quite irritated and shook my head in disbelief that he would actually make a sexist comment in my presence.  “Grow up, Mike.  Even my husband wouldn’t make a comment like that in front of me.”  He did…

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