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Recently I re-read the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley. The phrases “I am the master of my fate” and “I am the captain of my soul” have always been part of my lexicon, but it wasn’t until the first time I read this poem that I realized from whence these phrases came. And it wasn’t until almost five years ago that I finally understood what they meant. On December 31 of this year, my sister, Susan, would have been forty-five; but, five years ago, throat cancer became a brain cancer that ultimately led to her death. A few months…

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Imogene Pass Run…what the hell is that and why would someone choose to do it? I set out to do my first Imogene Pass Run in 2001.  We had just moved back to Flagstaff and I used to be a river runner in the Grand Canyon as well as an experienced hiker – so who can’t hike 17 miles up and over a pass?  The Imogene  race begins in Ouray, CO at elevation 7810 ft. and ends in Telluride, CO at elevation 8750 ft.  Only a slight difference of 940 ft elevation change.  It can’t be that bad.  But try…

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