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Just A Chick

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Recently, I was harshly reminded I am, in fact, just a chick. It’s one thing to call myself that yet secretly hope – even believe – I’m more. That I’m not just one in six billion. It’s quite another to be forced to accept I am one of many. An interchangeable part. Replaceable. There is nothing I do that can’t be done by a dozen others. Afterall, I’m just a chick. There are more where I come from. And that hurts – both my heart and my ego. I am still painfully and deliberately chewing this morsel in hopes of swallowing…

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My Life Is Changing

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I had a work meeting very recently. The owners of our company revealed our company, in so many words, has been bought out. This has been life altering in the few hours that I’ve had this knowledge. Let’s be honest, I don’t think I’m ready for change. I can hardly pick out what scrubs I want to wear for the day, to wear a wig or not, or even what to have for dinner on most days. I feel like I can’t breathe. I can’t concentrate. By 8:06, it was fuck this shit o’clock. We are told about raises and better benefits. Hooray. There’s some laughter about drug tests and how we have 6 months to get…

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