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I love Christmas. I always have. I love Christmas so much I used to celebrate it two times a year. And why not? There’s so much to love. People are kinder. Family becomes more important. The daily whirl slows for a brief moment and there’s a touch of magic in the air. The world, as a whole, takes on a glow. In fact, the same street lights and shop signs I see illuminated all year appear to shine brighter, twinkle a bit more during the holiday season. For me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. This…

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My Life Is Changing

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I had a work meeting very recently. The owners of our company revealed our company, in so many words, has been bought out. This has been life altering in the few hours that I’ve had this knowledge. Let’s be honest, I don’t think I’m ready for change. I can hardly pick out what scrubs I want to wear for the day, to wear a wig or not, or even what to have for dinner on most days. I feel like I can’t breathe. I can’t concentrate. By 8:06, it was fuck this shit o’clock. We are told about raises and better benefits. Hooray. There’s some laughter about drug tests and how we have 6 months to get…

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Watch out, she’s a runner!

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It’s been a rough month. I know life goes in waves and sometimes you take a big dip before you can raise back up, but I am at an all-time dip. I do it to myself. My problem is, I’m a “runner”. I love change to the point that I am addicted to it and if there is nothing on the horizon, I usually run to something else. Change has always been easier than sticking with something that just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it’s that I’m always searching for meaning, but that sounds so cheesy. Looking for more…

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The Annual Fall Of Fall

Posted in chix2six

Every Fall I fall. Every Autumn I have a sense of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. I get restless and unsatisfied with myself. It is a cycle I have experienced annually for quite a few years. In October of 2006 I wrote the following… I am… woman, lost, unsure, scared, full of it, weird, wondering, lazy, wanting to be different, shut down, different on the inside as opposed to the outside, wandering, understanding, full of tears, triggered by the slightest thing, questioning – When will I get to the point in my life that I can live in the flow,…

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The Change

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No, I’m not referencing that fun time for women where the temperature is never low enough. Personally, I can’t bring any experience to that type of change yet, but will probably hope someone writes an article about that at some point. I want to talk about the changes of family and career that most of us make over the course of life. You see, I just went through one of the most impactful changes in my life, Retirement! Yes, after 25 years at an amazing company I decided the timing was right at 48 yo to take a new path.…

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