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Christmas Is Canceled

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Let’s just say that I’m happy the holidays are over. I’m sure many of you have stories to share…and so do I. Why do we put pressure on ourselves to create the perfect holiday season? I have three children – ages 17, 15 & 12 – and for some reason, they weren’t excited about the holidays this year and neither was I. I’m sure it was a combination of things. The kids are getting older, they have bigger “wants”, we weren’t having family in town this year, etc. The day came when it was time to drive out to Babbitt…

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Christmas Reversals (3chickstothewind’s Husband).

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Our largest concern on Christmas Eve used to be whether we could get all of the gifts assembled between the time the children went to sleep, climbed out of bed, over and over again, and finally went to sleep. There had to be milk, and a bite out of the cookies, and batteries, and we would have to check that the video camera was plugged in and charged. We would open the doors slowly, and pad around the house in our stockings, looking out for the squeaky floorboards. Now our biggest concern is getting the kids assembled on Christmas Eve.…

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A Barbie?

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I am so over the lies of Christmas! It starts out innocently enough… the elf on the shelf, Santa, the flying reindeer, the Polar Express, the North Pole Experience. All of these Christmas time experiences were brought into our family with good intentions. But now I have a savvy six year old who knows it is all fake, and an 11 years old and a 9 year old who truly with all their hearts still believe. So I am the one that feels trapped in the Christmas non-truths. I seriously hate the physical feeling I get when my youngest is…

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Here’s lookin at you kid!

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It’s Christmas Day! Hopefully this finds all of you surrounded by those that you love…or at least snuggled up with a good holiday movie. I must confess, my family watches a lot of movies.  We watch movies at home, we enjoy going to the theater… especially at dinner time, because then I don’t have to cook!  With all this movie watching, we quote movies ALL the time.  Yes. We are THAT family. My favorite time is the at the start of the holiday season, when we break out our holiday movie collection….and you guessed it, we start throwing around some…

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Making Memories

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Once again, the holidays seem to have crept up on me this year. Just like last year, and the year before that. I’m just not that super organized person who has their Christmas list done by Halloween and all the shopping and decorating done by Thanksgiving. I have one of those friends who has everything done by Thanksgiving, the tree goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving, and she’s just done. She makes it looks so easy. I love her, but I just don’t get it. Honestly, I think it’s a little strange. I am definitely no Martha Stewart, but I…

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