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“Frankly” Speaking…Serendipity Happens

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“Vital lives are about action. You can’t feel warmth unless you create it, can’t feel delight until you play, can’t know serendipity unless you risk.” ― Joan Erickson Serendipity, duplicity, God’s plan, magical, or the cosmos? Whatever it is, it is happening to me these past few weeks. Grab a cup of coffee and listen to this story . . . One of the top romantic movies is “Serendipity”. The chance encounter. The instant connection. The familiarity of a stranger. Yes, I love the thought of destiny bringing two souls together. It’s the same for most of us, I imagine.…

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Keeping A Distance

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What do you think?  Do long distance relationships work?  So many people . . . so many opinions!  As you are pondering this question, only evaluate long-distance dating…not marriage.  That is a completely different conversation and deserves much earned respect. Here’s my story:  For the past nine months, a wonderful friend and soul-mate of mine moved away.  Boohoo!  He really believes a long distance relationship can work, I do not!  Residing in two different states with thousands of miles between is like eating empty calories.  Good for the quick moment of conversation, video chatting, or texting.  But it really leaves…

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The Story of Captain Underpants

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Dating is NEVER easy. This song is sung as a loud consensus from my friends both young and old. It was not easy when I was 16, 20, and now 28 years later. Recently ‘Happily Divorced’, I decided to try my luck again and start fishing in the ‘There’s a lot of fish in the ocean scene’. It has been almost 30 years for me, and with modern technologies and communications, I embark somewhat optimistic. It began one lonely night when I nervously decided to create my first profile on a free dating site. Pictures speak volumes, so I posted both modest and conservative pics of myself…

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