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Life Raft Acquisition

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My current situation these last four months is trying to brave through the book “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson. A doctor loaned it to me. Said it reminded me of her. Today, I reluctantly opened it again. I’m mid-sigh in the agony of consuming it when my Buddhist friend saunters up to me at the coffee shop and asks “What book ya reading today?” I eye roll, lift the cover, and glare at the remark I know is coming “Still?!” “Shut up, Great-Discoverer-Of-The-Obvious. Sit down. Distract me. Enlighten me with your wisdom, Oh Teacher.” Books often stir a love/hate relationship…

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Little Victories

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I sit in this lobby – across from them.  Mother and daughter – separated by twenty-odd years.  And, I surreptitiously watch. I recognize myself in both of them. The girl – about fifteen – struggling.  Over what?  She doesn’t know.  I never did.  Every day is a struggle.  It’s a struggle to just be.  Most days the act of breathing in and out is a victory. For me, it started young. Me:  Mommy, do you ever feel sad just because? Mom:  No, Sweetie, there must be a reason.  Do you want to talk about it? Me:  No. Some children have…

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Life Is Funny

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Life is funny. I’ve been debating what to write about for this post for the last two months. Should I write about all of the heterosexual couples of all ages that I’ve been third wheeling with? Should I write about the hilarity of the social contest that plays out on campus each day or the sulking art students that I share space with on a daily basis? Should I write about the middle-aged hipsters that I make coffee for each Friday? Or about how daunting it was to choose a username because I wanted a cool/hip name? It’s fun to…

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