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That time of the month

Posted in luckychix22

Well, here it is again. My time of the month to write something for 30chix. And again I’m at a loss. My mind goes 10,000 mph during the day, millions of stories, ideas and thoughts wander around my head at all hours. Then I sit at the computer to write my next post and those ideas/thoughts go quiet. I believe they hate me. I could write about how boring I am, oh! did that already. I could write about my dogs — been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I could write about my family and the issue I have…

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Bucket List

Posted in Gr8fate

As a child, I had dreams. As a young adult, I had goals. Now that I am older, I have a bucket list. One goal was to catch a hummingbird and pet it. Opportunity came knocking on my door (banging on my window) a couple of summers ago. That hummer flew into my window and knocked itself out. It was lying on the barbecue grill. I picked it up and put it in a paper bag. Five minutes later, it started fluttering. I gently placed my hand inside and I was able to hold it. I did pet it several…

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Quarter Life Crisis

Posted in ChickTwenty

A month before my 25th birthday, my husband nonchalantly comments, “Wow this is the last time you will be under a quarter-century!” Umm. Why. What would possess this man to make a comment like that?! What did I do to him to deserve such carelessness? Instantly, I begin dissecting every life choice I had ever made. What if I never quit piano when I was nine? Or volleyball at 17? Or modeling at 22? Where would I be? Did I marry the right person? What constitutes the “right person?” Is being close to 25 the reason I am starting to…

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