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As I have gotten older, friendships have started to mean more to me. As a kid, it was nice to have a bunch of friends. Sleepovers, play dates, someone to pass notes back and forth to. That was fine for then, but now things are different. In highschool, I lost a lot of friends over a boy. I met this guy outside of school. We ended up working together. Mind you we were all of 17 and 18. What I didn’t know about this boyfriend was he was a womanizer. Come let’s be honest. Even at 30, 40, etc women…

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What about your friends?

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Over the past few months I have had some rather difficult conversations with my youngest child regarding friendships. He had expressed disappointment that he doesn’t have many close friends to hang out with. Assuming my kid isn’t an asshole to other people his age, I know there are some possible reasons he doesn’t have close friends. For starters, he and his brothers have mostly attended schools out of the neighborhood, which can sometimes make it difficult to schedule play dates. Then, within the neighborhood, there are not many children his age. Well, there is one kid down the street but…

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“Was I there? Did I have fun?”

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I just got back from a GREAT weekend with a group of girlfriends and their families.  Some of the families, we have been friends for years and others are fairly new to the fold.  During the weekend, we laughed and shared memories, both recent and in the past.  During these discussion there was a phrase that kept coming up… “Was I there?  Did I have fun?” At first glance, I thought that the time has finally come. My girlfriends and I have now all reached the age where our memory is shit.  Yet, the longer I sat and reflected on…

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Keeping It Real

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It’s just a little white lie. Fib. Exaggeration. A bit of fiction. Honestly, it could just be called total bullsh_t. How easy it is to say what you think people want to hear versus what you really are thinking or feeling. Whichever word/words you use to describe the name for the response you give to someone, at any moment, on any given day, when you don’t want to say what you’re thinking is still, well, wrong. My auntie, God rest her soul, thought differently. Years ago, I attended a family reunion in Bay City, Michigan and had a chance to…

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Culling the Herd

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The friendships we have as women can really make or break a girl. When I was young, it was ingrained into me at a very young age that I was to be friends with EVERYONE. Being raised in a small town in the Midwest, everyone knew everyone AND all their business. (No joke…the stories I could tell over a few beers!) I took this lesson to heart. It wasn’t until I was in my forties and my “give a shit” meter shifted. I think with age and experiences, comes this realization that life is short and so you had better…

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