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Re-Connect with Friends

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As I sit across from my college buddy, who I hadn’t seen in 27 years on a beautiful patio at a Snowbird resort, I think about how important personal history is. How important deep friendship and connection and quality relationships that truly bring happiness to our lives. I had followed “Jane” for years on Facebook and could see that she had survived her mission, had lived in Utah and Idaho, her partner and she appeared to have kids. I saw she liked birds and was working in our field of Social Work, as we had both decided at Utah State,…

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As I have gotten older, friendships have started to mean more to me. As a kid, it was nice to have a bunch of friends. Sleepovers, play dates, someone to pass notes back and forth to. That was fine for then, but now things are different. In highschool, I lost a lot of friends over a boy. I met this guy outside of school. We ended up working together. Mind you we were all of 17 and 18. What I didn’t know about this boyfriend was he was a womanizer. Come let’s be honest. Even at 30, 40, etc women…

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What about your friends?

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Over the past few months I have had some rather difficult conversations with my youngest child regarding friendships. He had expressed disappointment that he doesn’t have many close friends to hang out with. Assuming my kid isn’t an asshole to other people his age, I know there are some possible reasons he doesn’t have close friends. For starters, he and his brothers have mostly attended schools out of the neighborhood, which can sometimes make it difficult to schedule play dates. Then, within the neighborhood, there are not many children his age. Well, there is one kid down the street but…

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“Was I there? Did I have fun?”

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I just got back from a GREAT weekend with a group of girlfriends and their families.  Some of the families, we have been friends for years and others are fairly new to the fold.  During the weekend, we laughed and shared memories, both recent and in the past.  During these discussion there was a phrase that kept coming up… “Was I there?  Did I have fun?” At first glance, I thought that the time has finally come. My girlfriends and I have now all reached the age where our memory is shit.  Yet, the longer I sat and reflected on…

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I suck at writing…

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I’m sitting here in the Vegas airport waiting for my flight home and I’m wondering why I agreed to be apart a part of this blog. I suck at deadlines, I think I’m super boring and I know, without a doubt, I’m a horrible writer. I think that justachik1 signed me up without my actually saying yes. I may even still have the text that says exactly that! :-p But… I really love this blog and enjoy reading each of your stories every day. I thank you all for being amazing women who really don’t suck at being women! So…

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Relationship Roaches

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As a young child, I quickly identified that I wanted nothing to do with being a “third wheel”. If I was invited over to a friend’s house, I quickly asked if this was going to be that person and me, or a grouping of friends. If it was a grouping, I politely declined the offer. It wasn’t something my parents instilled in me, in fact, I think that they would have liked me to have more friends during that point in my life. When I was in High School and College this all changed. The yearning for friends, whether good…

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You just want to be where everybody knows your name. I thought we had launched the kids into the new school year and we were off and running. Finally, some free time to myself. After a couple months of summer, and I love summer, but it’s always great to get the kids back into school and be able to hear myself think again. To go to yoga, take the dog on a walk, hell go to the bathroom by myself is a nice starter. So when my youngest daughter came home after 2 weeks of 6th grade at a new…

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Culling the Herd

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The friendships we have as women can really make or break a girl. When I was young, it was ingrained into me at a very young age that I was to be friends with EVERYONE. Being raised in a small town in the Midwest, everyone knew everyone AND all their business. (No joke…the stories I could tell over a few beers!) I took this lesson to heart. It wasn’t until I was in my forties and my “give a shit” meter shifted. I think with age and experiences, comes this realization that life is short and so you had better…

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Come As You Are

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We both had swollen eyes still glistening in grief as I walked into the coffee shop that morning. My feet felt as heavy as my heart. She moved her arms around my waist with an effort that seemed to consume what little energy she had left, planted her head against my chest, and whimpered out, “My Mom is gone.” My heart arrested. Each sob against my chest felt like defibrillator pads being charged with a higher frequency of electricity, delivering shocks against my heart’s wall to convert it from this dying, quivering rhythm, into a normal one. I stood, waiting…

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Imogene Pass Run…what the hell is that and why would someone choose to do it? I set out to do my first Imogene Pass Run in 2001.  We had just moved back to Flagstaff and I used to be a river runner in the Grand Canyon as well as an experienced hiker – so who can’t hike 17 miles up and over a pass?  The Imogene  race begins in Ouray, CO at elevation 7810 ft. and ends in Telluride, CO at elevation 8750 ft.  Only a slight difference of 940 ft elevation change.  It can’t be that bad.  But try…

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