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My Perfect Husband

Posted in ChickTwenty

Everyone loves my husband. It’s actually quite annoying. Like his father, he has an innocence about him that most find endearing. He has the most beautiful way of bringing humor to uncomfortable situations. I find his methods to be both adorable and infuriating. For example, I hear this story all the time. He was back-sassing his mother in the car when he was in high school and she lost it. She told him he was a son of a bitch, to whom he replied, “Wouldn’t that make you the bitch?” She busted out laughing and he never got in trouble.…

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Blurred Vision

Posted in ChixC16

So I am just wondering…..If 2 men get married, how does anything get done around the house? Who notices you are out of milk and runs to the store? Who notices that the laundry still needs to be folded & put away? Who notices the dog got sick on the rug and cleans it up? Do they have magic fairies that run around & take care of all of that for them?? They must because men just don’t seem to notice the same stuff that we do.  They have no problem sitting for hours while there are 10 different chores…

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