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Rules. Expectations.

Posted in olechik27

These are similar, but sometimes the lines between them are blurred. I thought I was getting the hang of the rules AND expectations for being a good mom and a good wife… I have yet to really “get it” though. These rules and expectations seem to be ever changing and I can never just be there in that glorious place where I’ve GOT IT! So let me examine a few of these with you and see where it all falls, I will start with the mom rules – I seem to be MUCH MORE on target here, but not for…

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I Am Always Being Watched

Posted in chix2six

I am always being watched. I am not paranoid, I just have three kids. It has dawned on me more in the past few months, that these watchers are watching everything, not just the important things, but everything. My watchers are gaining in years, the oldest will be a teen in just two more years, and this has prompted a re-evaluation of myself. First area to evaluate, my behavior in the car. Along with the kids aging, comes the excitement of sitting in the front seat. I thought, this will be great, they will start to realize directions, street names,…

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Christmas Is Canceled

Posted in chik11

Let’s just say that I’m happy the holidays are over. I’m sure many of you have stories to share…and so do I. Why do we put pressure on ourselves to create the perfect holiday season? I have three children – ages 17, 15 & 12 – and for some reason, they weren’t excited about the holidays this year and neither was I. I’m sure it was a combination of things. The kids are getting older, they have bigger “wants”, we weren’t having family in town this year, etc. The day came when it was time to drive out to Babbitt…

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No Child Zone

Posted in ladychick14

You are my friend.  I love you but I do not love your children or your pets. So as time passes, naturally most of our married friends are having children or have toddlers.  Be that as it may, I can safely say I am absolutely not ready for a child at all.  I relish my 30 minute showers, 20 minutes for makeup and another 20 for hair.  I love my leisurely trips to the mall where I can linger in a shoe store for 40 minutes trying on every pair of ankle boots they have.  I love that I can…

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