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Just A Chick

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Recently, I was harshly reminded I am, in fact, just a chick. It’s one thing to call myself that yet secretly hope – even believe – I’m more. That I’m not just one in six billion. It’s quite another to be forced to accept I am one of many. An interchangeable part. Replaceable. There is nothing I do that can’t be done by a dozen others. Afterall, I’m just a chick. There are more where I come from. And that hurts – both my heart and my ego. I am still painfully and deliberately chewing this morsel in hopes of swallowing…

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STOP, the clock….Just Kidding, full speed ahead

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Yep, next week is my birthday and I am loud and proudly announcing that I will be the big 4-9! I mean why not shout it from the rooftops? Life is pretty darn good. I have my health, despite the extra pounds that I once again start a new year vowing to eliminate forever….(last months article). I have a great family…sure we have a few warts here and there, but despite the Facebook illusion that everyone’s life is perfect, we all know, the really good stuff doesn’t get posted, so I consider my blended family pretty darn normal and that…

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Done and Dusted

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Can’t believe that it’s my turn again – 30 days sure goes fast. I’ve spent the last week or so, (to be honest I’ve spent the last 30 days) thinking about what I would be writing about and just as usual it’s the day before and I’ve got nothing….  nothing…! I think my problem is that I have trouble relating the premise of this blog with how I see myself. I don’t think I suck.  In fact, as a teenager, I kind of thought I was the bees knees. It was my way or the highway. I was never one…

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