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Driving Mr. and Mrs. Daisy

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FROM THE ARCHIVES It’s Happening!!! My role as a daughter is now changing to thatĀ of a caretaker. It’s been slow over the last ten years, a minor surgery here, a medical concern there, but my parents always bounced back swinging hard. And from a 1,000 miles away they seemed to handle it with neighbors and son. But now, it’s a full blown move to “my city”. I’ve wanted it, asked for it, and it’s here! I sometimes felt that my other siblings got their daily or weekly time when their kids were small and I was jealous of what it…

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The Change

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No, I’m not referencing that fun time for women where the temperature is never low enough. Personally, I can’t bring any experience to that type of change yet, but will probably hope someone writes an article about that at some point. I want to talk about the changes of family and career that most of us make over the course of life. You see, I just went through one of the most impactful changes in my life, Retirement! Yes, after 25 years at an amazing company I decided the timing was right at 48 yo to take a new path.…

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