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Changing Viewpoints

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  The decline was gradual, I suppose.  The day my boss laughingly offered to hold a page of small print farther away so that I could read it.  The afternoon sitting at my kitchen table grading a stack of essays and realizing, damn, that writing looks blurry.  Going to Walgreens and buying the first pair of readers.  I only needed them if I had a lot of grading to do, or if the text I was reading was particularly small. The cheaters culture was not new, my husband began buying the 5 packs of cheap wire-rims at Costco years before.  I…

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She’s at that age

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Do you know September is menopause awareness? No? Do you know that 2015 is not the first menopause awareness month?  2004 that was the first menopause awareness month. The FDA implemented a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the benefits and risks of hormone therapy for menopausal symptoms, so was born Menopause Awareness Month. Unlike October, which is breast cancer awareness month, or November America Diabetes month, there are no fun runs, no Step Out Walks. For the 37.5 million women who are suffering menopause, the highlight of this month is visiting menopause awareness month web page and showing your support…

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